Oct 4, 2010

Gotta Love Dickinson's

As of yesterday afternoon, my "best toner list" has a new number one.

I spent Saturday morning, in Bellingham, shopping with a girlfriend. As per usual, I created my "need" list about four days in advance, so as soon as we crossed the border, we immediately beelined to Rite-Aid. (This was my first time in a Rite-Aid pharmacy and holy crap it's cheap.) My list included a ton of different facial moisturizers and a new toner.

I ran to the facial section and after looking for a few minutes, noticed they didn't have the toner I was looking for. Instead, I saw a lone bottle of Dickinson's Witch Hazel Facial Toner on sale for $4.29.....(I know, I know. I doesn't matter that I have four different toners at home. How can you NOT buy something this inexpensive...) So, I bought it.....

Once home, I washed my face, dried it and grabbed a cotton pad. I opened my new toner and was completely appalled by the scent. (Seriously, it smells like pee....not pleasant.) I was committed; I had to try it. I put some on the pad, applied to my face and was sooooo happy I did. This is one of the first toners I've tried that doesn't make your skin tight after use or cause irritation. Not only that, but your pores minimize and your skin becomes extremely soft. This brand is also 100% natural, fragrance free, acid free, and paraben free. And to think, I was contemplating throwing it out due to the minor pee smell....

Try try try this product. Though I bought mine across the line at Rite-Aid, you can also purchase it at Wal-Mart. Go out, get it and be sure to plug your nose before applying....ha


  1. Glad you can get past the scent, I don't know if I could ;)

  2. Seriously, this toner is so worth it that if it smelled like skunk, I would still use it!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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