Mar 16, 2012

DIY Beauty Fridays: Blush (and Lip Gloss) with Beet Juice

Sometimes, I concoct some fantastic DIY recipes that blow even my mind however, today was not one of those days.  I have to thank my fabulous friend, Ariella, for her makeup wisdom with this awesome DIY tip.

Blushes are my absolute favorite beauty product.  Lipstick is one thing but that's an item I can't live without!  The right color can take anyone from pale lady to rosy pink goddess (or if you're as fair as I am then blush will make your skin tone look normal...ha).  My only issue with blush is that a really fantastic color can set you back quite a pretty penny.  So, if you're budgeting like I am, try making your own tint at home.

Blush (and lip gloss) with Beet Juice

1 raw beet 
Coconut oil or glycerin (whichever you have around the house)

Blush #1 - perhaps the easiest trick of all!  Cut the beet in half (and in half again if you're rubbing the entire slice on your cheek) and rub your finger in the beet juice.  Apply immediately to cheeks.  Continue this process until you've achieved your desired color.  Blush #2 - Rub a small slice of beet directly to your cheeks until you've achieved your desired color. Lip gloss #1 - Grab Q-tip and swipe the end across the beet juice.  Apply directly to lips for a quick, and rosy, tint.  Lip gloss #2 - place some beet juice in a little bowl and add either coconut oil or glycerin to create a quick lip gloss.

PS - I should mention that you can easily juice a beet instead of trying my rustic tip of rubbing it on your face.  ALSO, you can buy organic beet juice if you prefer.  Whatever method you choose, you'll still get the same great results.

That's it ladies!  How easy is this right?  Not only are beets very inexpensive but just think how many applications you can get from one little veggie?  It's amazing.

Happy weekend!


  1. I love beets! I never thought of using them as a beauty product! Thanks for tips! xo

  2. Ha, simple yet such a great idea!

  3. holy crap! that is a great idea!

  4. This is amazing! Never tried beets before, but will have to get some. :)

  5. How creative, never heard of this before! I would have loved to see some pictures of your concoctions x


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