Dec 6, 2011

NOTD: Sally Hansen's Anenome of Mine AND Wet N Wild's Night Prowl

Left to right: Wet N Wild Night Prowl and Sally Hansen Anenome of Mine
According to Wikipedia, my new favorite color is byzantium.  Who knew, right?  Forget that December is usually filled with red, green and silver tones...nope, not for me.  I've decided that this month purple is my go-to color.

While on my lunch break yesterday, I (as usual) barreled down the three flights of stairs from my office to the Shopper Drug Mart below and wandered around the nail polish section looking for the perfect color purple.  And, BEHOLD, I found it.  (See, a coworker of mine was wearing a color very similar this past week and I've been on a mission to find it ever since.)  Isn't it pretty?

I chose to pair Anenome of Mine with Night Prowl because I don't usually wear glitter polishes AND they look gorgeous together.  These two colors, combined, are definitely going to be a heavily-used combination going forward.

What do you think ladies?  Have you worn either of these colors before?  Or even together?


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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