Dec 14, 2011

Clinique's 2011 Holiday Blockbuster: A Season's Worth of Pretty

I know I've told you this before but my mom is a Clinique rep.  Typically if I want to order anything Clinique-related, she's my hook-up.  However, this time around, I actually purchased a very special Clinique piece all on my lonesome (and just like a big girl!!).

A Season's Worth of Pretty is Clinique's Limited Edition Holiday Palette.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it HAD to be mine so I quickly ordered it from Macy's, along with a new mascara, and secretly shipped it to my mailbox in the states.  (I say secretly because every one knows that you shouldn't be buying anything for yourself around Christmas time AND also because Allan would kill me if he knew I bought another palette.)  All of those things aside, I am so happy with my purchase!
Left-hand side of palette - Lips

Middle portion of palette - Eyes

Right-hand side of palette - Cheeks
The palette is divided into three parts: Lips (left-hand side), Eyes (middle) and Cheeks (right-hand side.)  The lip collection has 5 colors: Crushed Grape, Pink Goddess, Parisian Red, Adore U and Ambrosia.  The eye collection has 5 colors as well: Like Mink Duo, Polar Blue Quad, Pink Chocolate Quad, Pure Cocoa and Plum Potion Duo.  The last portion (cheeks) has three colors: Pink Love (one of my favorite colors!!), Precious Posy and Sunset Glow.

Despite not needing another palette (for probably the next three years) I am so excited about this purchase.  The palette is clean looking, filled with gorgeous colors that I'll actually use and is extremely inexpensive.  Can you believe this was only $32.50 USD (with any other purchase of a Clinique product)???

Check this palette out ladies before they disappear.  Oh, one more thing, have you checked out my easy entry facebook giveaway yet?  If not, enter HERE!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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