Dec 12, 2011

Lipstick Personality: What Does Your Lipstick Say About YOU?

I discovered this little info piece from a blog we all know and love called Lipglossiping.  (She found the original article from  Not only did I laugh extremely hard while reading it BUT I also bolted to my vanity table and pulled out all my tubes of lipstick to see what type of gal I really am...

I am a 50/50 split between #2 and #4.  Some of  my lipsticks are flat while the others look like I just took them out of their package.

What type of lipstick personality do you have???


  1. I saw this in a magazine years ago and thought it was so interesting. I'm #2 and #4 also!

  2. I am a mix of 4 and 5, but I'd say 5 matches my personality more :)

  3. oh fun! Well, I really don't wear lipstick, so I can't really say which one I am... I would think it would be between #2 and #4. xo

  4. That is so fun! :) Have you see the cat shaped lipsticks by Paul & Joe Beaute?

    I wish they had those on here!

  5. OMG I love ths Paul & Joe Cat Shaped lipstick. Have you seen the owl trio by P&J??? They are soooo adorable



Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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