Dec 5, 2011

The H&M Cosmetic Line Is FINALLY In Vancouver

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So it seems that every other H&M in every other country (excluding Canada) launched their cosmetic line eons ago.  However, recently (in the past few months) Vancouver finally received the line as well.

I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this cosmetic line to launch...

A few weeks ago, I visited the H&M store across the street from my condo (I know, how lucky am I, right?) and was so excited to see the full cosmetic line on display.  Palettes galore, lip glosses, lipsticks and even eye liners...I was in cosmetic heaven.  I literally had to reel my hands in as to not grab one of everything.  Instead of buying a ton of items I don't need, I settled on 4 lip glosses and a lipbalm.

The glosses are absolutely gorgeous in color and for $1.49 per tube, you absolutely can't go wrong with buying multiples.  From left to right the colors are: Beige Orchid, Right Red, Rose Toffee, Bordeaux Nights and Vanilla Ginger Lipbalm.  I'll begin by saying that the lipbalm smells absolutely amazing and it moisturizers your lips really well.  (Trust me, I was shocked too.)  I have been using this balm over top of my lipstick the past few weeks and it's been making my lips less dry while prolonging the life of the lipstick color.

The glosses, though, are the item I am most surprised by.  The colors are extremely rich, bold and super glossy.  The colors go on smooth and aren't too sticky (which I love).  I do wish that the colors would last longer on your lips but for $1.49 they're still worth the money.  Colors from left to right: Beige Orchid, Right Red, Bordeaux Nights and Rose Toffee.  Bordeaux Nights is beyond my favorite of the bunch...I just can't get enough of the plum tone...

I highly recommend you seeking this line out of you're looking for a great bargain.  I think you'l be pleasantly surprised!  Have any of you ladies tried this line before?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I love the lip balm, it's got a great smell and I love the retro container. I haven't really tried the lipgloss, but again I love the packaging! xo

  2. This is exciting! I hope they came to the one in the mall near me ( Park Royal)!

  3. I've never spotted it here in Atlanta. Maybe I never looked hard enough...

  4. Fun times for you! Just in time for Christmas too! :)


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