Apr 12, 2011

Intuitive Cheek Color: Smashbox vs Mark

I purchased the Smashbox O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color, on a whim recently, while stumbling around Sephora in my normal hazy, makeup-induced stupor. Now, according to Smashbox, this is the "first intuitive blush that reacts with your skin's chemistry to turn your cheeks the color you blush naturally". I hummed and hawed, in the shop, for about three seconds and gladly paid the $40 to make this little gem mine. I went home, turned on my computer, and was greeted with a nice product email from Mark, announcing it's new Shimmer Cheekblossom Cheek Color Tint, that also "reacts with your skin's chemistry to give cheeks a perfect-for-you pink flush". As I scrolled through the email, I also noticed that it was only being sold for $8.00. I know, only 8 bucks...So, I immediately ordered it. As you can see, both products come in tubes of similar size, however you get 5 mL more with the Smashbox brand. Both have similar applicators and tubes that are very easy to squeeze. Both products are a silicone-based gel which means they are easy to apply and spread nicely. Fresh out of the container, both brands look virtually the same but if you look closely, the one on the top (Smashbox) is slightly thicker in texture than the one on the bottom (Mark). Here's where we start to see the major difference. Both products have been rubbed into my skin the exact same way (light circular motions) and have only been on for 30 seconds. You can definitely see a huge color contrast between the two. (L to R: Mark, Smashbox) The Smashbox product is turning a beautiful shade of pink while the Mark product has barely tinted my oh-so pale arm. After comparing both products, it's definitely clear who the winner is this time around. Smashbox, though much more costly, has proven it deserves the "first intuitive blush" title as well my respect. Though I will always be a thrifty shopper, I guess there are some things that really are worth the extra money. Now how do I explain this to Allan? HA XO


  1. Wow, the difference is amazing! Great post!

  2. Well, there's an obvious winner! Great comparison idea. xo

  3. @Laura....I know. When I was rubbing it in, I was really shocked at how different they were.


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  5. Great comparison, you can really clearly see the difference in pigmentation!

  6. Thanks for the review and swatches!:D

    I agree, there are things that are worth the extra money. I can see a huge difference.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. Woah! Massive difference. Smashbox looks like it would give a really beautiful tint and glow.

  8. Wow, So much difference in pigmentation!
    I really like the Smashbox shade aswell.. pretty pink~

  9. Interesting concept with the blush, I've never tried those 'intuitive' ones. And I guess the $$ pricetag of the smashbox one is worth it consideering it actually worked! LOL.


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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