Apr 26, 2011

Olay Skin Smoothing Cream Scrub: A Review

Ladies, I did a horrible thing Sunday night.

I slept in my makeup. And even worse than that, I actually went to the gym, worked out, sweated on my face and STILL didn't take my makeup off before bed. Shame on me, I know.

I woke up Monday morning to the alarm beeping madly at 5:15 AM (poor Allan had to work yesterday whereas I didn't) and the only thing I could think about was how gross my skin felt.

It was overly dry to the touch which should be expected since it was covered in the previous day's cosmetics and, color-wise, my skin looked slightly yellow. (Again, to be expected.) However, the worst part was the texture. My skin is usually very smooth but, this morning, it was bumpy and felt almost scaly. Ewwww....just writing this is grossing me out

After cleansing my face with Neutrogena Naturals Face Bar (loooovvvveeeee this), I grabbed a container of Olay Skin Smoothing Cream Scrub from my shower, squeezed an extremely large amount of scrub into my hand and went to town applying it on my face. I left the product on for 20 minutes and when I washed it off my skin was AMAZING. Gone was the gross scaly feeling and in its place I had my normal skin back. (Yay). My face was unbelievably clean, smooth and even looked more radiant. Typically, cream scrubs are much too mild for my combination skin or never seem to give me that clean feeling. However, this scrub is different. Though it's mild, I still feel like it's cleaning my skin without being abrasive and it contains little blue microbeads that really got down and dirty to give me a beautiful clear complexion. Love it!

I am so happy that I tried this product out and will continue to use this as my cream scrub staple. Just in case you're wondering, I purchased it from Shoppers Drug Mart for under $10. Such a good deal.

Has anyone tried this product before? If so, what were your thoughts?



  1. Thanks for the great review- I haven't tried this yet! I hate when I wake up to oily skin because I didn't take my makeup off. I try to be good about it, but every now and then I just don't have it in me to wash up before I go to sleep.

  2. Great review, Christina! Definitely, sounds like a great product! xo

  3. I haven't but it sounds great and affordable, thanks for the review!

  4. Great minds think alike! I wrote a review on this yesterday, but have it stockpiled to post in a few days since I've just done a couple of reviews!

  5. Ooo... nevermind, I only glanced at your post before. But after reading it, I actually reviewed the Shine Control Cleanser. They come in the exact same tube, though! ...Silly me!

    Great review! I haaaaaate sleeping in my makeup!

  6. @Tara...I completely feel your pain. I always try to take my makeup off but let's be honest, it doesn't always happen

    @Bronwen...Thanks lady!

    @Tracy...you're welcome. Give it a try, you'll love it

    @MandysSecrets...Can't wait to read your post on the Olay Shine Control Cleanser...


  7. I hate that feeling! I've actually gotten up in the middle of the night to wash my face if i didnt wash it b4 bed, because i felt so greasy!
    Anyway, olay makes great products and for 10 bucs and for your amazing review, its worth trying! Thanks!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  8. This sounds so awesome! I have the Olay Total Effects Anti-aging cream cleanser meant to clear up the skin. I really love it!

  9. I know this story far too well! Horrors of sleeping in makeup and just being too lazy to deal with it and panicking for a fix. For exfoliating scrubs with such a creamy touch to it, I always find it leaves slight "residue" in comparison to my usual exfoliants, like Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant or Skin Prep... did you at all feel like there was any residue? The residue I claim may be a moisturizing aspect of the product, but meh... I certainly like to have my exfoliant make my skin feel squeaky clean!

  10. I'm sometimes really naughty and forget to take my make up off too.. I know it's bad but can't help it sometimes!

  11. I don't always take my make up off (oh shame!), or well, I kind of do.. I wipe my face with a couple of face wipes and fall into bed (that's almost every weekend, after I've been on a night out).
    I need to find this product in shops - sounds perfect. I usually scrub my face on the morning after plus also have a mask (a hydrating one). But I still get a couple of spots afterwards. And I know it's MY fault. Ugh


  12. I have used that before! I really like it!

    Monique xx

  13. mmm it looks promising, gonna search for it later ^^ thx for review


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