Oct 20, 2015

Review: Marie Ernst Luxury Soaps

I want to begin this post by saying that I've always despised bar soaps.  Truly,  My hubby uses them everyday but I find them drying AND they smell a little clinical.  Plus, they leave this little film on your skin even after you've rinsed and dried off.  Not pleasant.

I was approached by the reps for the Marie Ernst Luxury Soap line and asked if I was interested in reviewing this fancy new soap "system".  Yes, I do call it a system as this bar soap is actually two separate pieces, creating a ying yang effect, that do drastically different things.

First off, the instructions.  There was a whole page on how to use this special soap.  It was even displayed on the back of the package.  One side of the pumice and the other is the moisturizer, when combined they are the perfect pair to cleanse your skin.

The beige side is the pumice and the green side is the moisturizer.  Both sides smell absolutely amazing.  The beige side reminds me of my travels through Asia, coconut/sandlewood, while the green side has a lavender/patchouli smell.  Love them both.

Directions say to wet both pieces, place together and then cleanse your skin.  I used them in the shower and though the process made for an extra long shower, my skin felt so clean, moisturized and film free afterwards.

One gripe with this system.  I don't quite know how to store it once it's been used.  I think you'd need to have two separate soap dishes to store them BUT maybe you want to store them together, I don't know.  I will say that the smell alone makes me so happy and seriously takes me back to my backpacking days...

Have any of you tried this soap system before?  Thoughts?


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