Oct 27, 2015

Eating to Age Gracefully

I am such a foodie.

I adore food and especially eating.  I am most content when I'm in an apron and in front of the stove.  I love cooking for people and especially adore cooking ethnic food from the many different places I've traveled.

Something I am learning more about is how food, mainly specific foods, can be an anti-aging strategy.  This idea, called FoodTrients, was created by a Southeast Asian woman named Grace O and her cookbook, The Age Gracefully Cookbook, talks all about it.

I am not someone who would usually review a cookbook BUT couldn't say no as the recipes directly impact something I am most keen to discuss, anti-aging and keeping ourselves as young as possible,

After skimming the book, I decided to make the Apple Barley Salad (an age defying recipe) and paired it with the Honey-Lime Dressing (a simply healing recipe).

What I loved most about these recipes was how easy they were to follow AND how few ingredients you truly needed to make them.

The salad turned out fantastic.  I did add more than the called for amount of barley, because I love it, and it still turned out fantastically well.  The taste of the dressing was great, albeit a bit sweet, but mixed with the chili powder it was a great combo.  The salad was perfect.

There are a few recipes in the book I probably won't make BUT there are 66 in total and all have a specific FoodTrient that promotes healthy living: Soy Custard Cups (for Skin Hydration), Carrot Quiche (Youth Serum), Summertime Grilled Chicken (Cellular Sensation), and Spiced Rack of Lamb (Tissue Repairing) are just a few great recipes you can find in the book.

I can't wait to make some more!


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