Aug 5, 2015

GUEST POST: Creative Ways to Display Your Purses

Handbags and purses are a favorite accessory for many women. They’re widely known as the fashion item that always complements, and the perfect purse can take your outfit to the next level. But if your collection is too large, it can be hard to display them all. Too often you decide to throw out a purse you really love because of limited space, or you deny yourself the joy of buying the perfect bag because you don’t know where to put it. Since we at Modernize love offering tips for displaying cherished items in a unique way, here are some creative display ideas to organize your closet and turn your beloved bags into art.  

One favorite decorator’s secret is to create a gallery wall made completely of handbags. This statement lets everyone who enters your home know about your love for fashion. Just hang some vintage hooks along your wall, one for each  bag, eventually filling the entire wall. The display can be sporadic or organized, depending on your personal taste. There will be no question about your love for accessories with this display, and you’ll be able to easily see each purse when choosing your outfit for the day. Hang your pretty hooks on a brightly painted accent wall, or try an all-white wall so that your bags can be the focus.

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Some of your handbags may not have handles, and for these clutch-style bags, hook displays will not work. Try a modern shelving unit to display this style of bag. One fun option uses the U-shaped cubbies of a wine rack to display your clutch bag selection. Choose a rustic style to contrast the chic purse fabrics. Your clutches will be easy to grab and will make a big impression on anyone who sees them.

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For your most treasured bags, surround the purse with a frame to make it a focal point in your home. If you’ve received an heirloom-style bag or have a purse of sentimental value, hang it carefully on your wall. Find an old vintage frame from a flea market and paint it with a fresh coat of metallic-colored paint. Surround the special purse with your new gilded frame and take pleasure in making the purse an art piece and wow factor to your decor. 

via A Fine Farmhouse

A final suggestion for creatively displaying your purses is sourcing old store fixtures. You can often find used store fixtures at closeout sales, flea markets, or online. These fixtures will organize and display your purses like a pro. Your purse assortment will look as good as a boutique, and everything will be well organized and easy to access. You can often haggle to get the best price for these used displays, and they are often collapsible and easy to store when not in use. Your wardrobe will look like a chic boutique window, and you’ll be so proud to show off your collection.

 **A big thanks to Kelsey, from Modernize, a fabulous home remodeling site.  Check it out for inspiration, tips and tricks.**

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  1. Love the vintage wine rack idea for clutches! So cool!! xo


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