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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Odds and Ends

New things new things!!!!

It's always so much fun to buy's some of my recent purchases!!!
Look at my brand new earrings! Allan actually bought these for me when we were in Barkerville. Supposedly, they are quite unique as they are Zebra Coral and since they're red, they're my absolute fave!!! Allan bought me a red coral necklace for a past birthday and they're going to look smashing together.
YAY for me!! A new blowdrier. I love this one. My hairdresser actually uses this exact one and I fell in love with it instantly PLUS it doesn't sound like an airplane taking off in my bedroom. Best part is, Renate, who you all know is a hair stylist, got a really great deal on this purdy contraption.
My new handbag. It's a Samsara by Matt & Nat and I lucked out and got this at 50% off. I'm sure that everyone's aware of this already but Matt & Nat is an eco-friendly and vegan product line. They make everything from wallets and bags, to bracelets and belts. Ooo, and another great thing, their purses last forever.....

Isn't shopping the best?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Consignment Store Finds!!

Thrift and consignment stores are so much fun.

Yes, you have to scour over miles of racks, deal with the abnormal mothball smell and push mountains of seniors out of your way to ensure they don't snatch up your awesome find.

Seriously, though, is there really any other way to spend a day??? I didn't think so....

I was in a different part of the city and popped into a consignment store with a friend of mine. I was looking through the articles of clothes and, hiding on the wall at the very back of the shelf, I found two amazing handbags.

1. Lou Taylor Metallic Evening Bag. This bag is super cute. A lot smaller than I would typically go for but it was only $10. It is a solid silver metallic print with three interior pockets: two outer pockets and one inside pocket that closes with a gold button. All in all, I would say a great find.
2. Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Tote Bag. I adore this bag and am still
shocked that I only paid $35 for it. (Down from $100....still have no idea how I scored that.) Two small straps hold up the tote bag, though there is a large shoulder strap as well. One large pocket with zipper
access, which opens to a big tote with smaller pockets in the interior. It's black and white and it couldn't be cuter.

Just wanted to share with you some of my
finds. More to come for sure since I am going to be thrift shopping this week! xo
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