Aug 25, 2015

Lip Haul: Rimmel's Lasting Finish Color Rush Balms

At the prompting of a friend, I recently purchased the Rimmel Chubby Sticks.  (Thanks Lori!)

Okay, I call them chubby sticks because they are as chubby as Clinique's version and their name is WAY too long to remember.  However, they are in fact, called Lasting Finish Color Rush Long Lasting Intense Color Balm. ...Wow, quite the mouthful.

Despite the long name, they are actually amazeballs.  From left to right, I purchased Viva Violet, On Fire, Keep Mauving and Rumour Has It.

Keep Mauving is such a gorgeous nude tone.  It's actually my newest favorite lip balm!  The color is great when paired with a smoky eye OR any bright eye color.  Love it.

Viva Violet is a vibrant violet tone that works really well with my magenta hair, thank goodness, as the red tones do not look as good!  This one is great for a punch of color and keeps your lips moisturized!

On Fire is an orange red that, unfortunately, does not look great on me.  It's definitely not a tone that works with my skin tone as it's too warm.

Rumour Has It is gorgeous.  It's a bright mulberry tone that packs a huge pop of color.  I will definitely be getting this one again.

I purchased these at $8 a piece and for a lip balm, I am still very impressed.  The color packs a lasting punch and your lips stay nice and moisturized.  Not too bad for a drugstore find!  Anyone else tried these colors?  Thoughts?



  1. These are seriously the best. I can apply in the morning, work all day, and never need to touch up! I have Viva Violet and Give Me A Cuddle (awwwww!).

  2. These look interesting, might have to pick up. Lovely colors!! xo


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