Dec 16, 2014

L'Occibox by L'Occitane and It's Finally Mine!!

On December 1st, each year, L'Occitane launches a holiday box filled with goodies for the glorious price of $20 CAD or $15 USD.  Yes, folks, you heard me right.  You get this beautiful box, filled with all the sample sized L'Occitane products you could imagine, for the small little price.

It's no wonder I can never seem to buy them online or in store.

HOWEVER, this year, ladies, it's MINE.  It's all mine!!!  I finally got my hands on this gorgeous little goodie-filled box.  YAY for me.

Check this out.  There are things wrapped in tissue paper AND items in a little orange cosmetic bag...What could possibly be in them?

Wrapped in the tissue paper (from left to right) you'll find an Ultra Rich Lotion, the Precious Cleansing Foam, the Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream (which smells like roses), the Amande Supple Skin Oil and 2 samples of the Divine Cream.

Then, in the adorable orange cosmetic bag you'll find (from left to right) a nail file, a Shea Butter Had Cream, an Almond Hand Cream, a Verbena Hand Cream and a Cherry Blossom Hand Cream.

Seriously, you have to run out right now and get your sample pack.  The are only available until the 24th of December.....okay, so GO!



Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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