Aug 25, 2011

The Worst Celebrity Trends EVER!

Do you flip through fashion magazines and wonder what these people were thinking when they got dressed in the morning?  Okay, I do, all the time!  Sometimes the fashions can literally be so gorgeous and perfect and other times...well, let's just say I'm glad I don't have tons of money to wear all these crazy things.

Spiked Dresses

Am I the only person that finds this trend hideous?  Kristen Cavallari is a gorgeous girl but then she goes and wears this atrocious outfit.  She should be playing football or something...

MC Hammer Pants 

You couldn't pay me to wear this trend, honestly.  First, if you're not a size 0 you can't pull this off and second, if you're name is not MC Hammer then you, again, shouldn't even attempt this trend.  I will say there is this girl in my office that wears this trend a lot and though she always looks super cute, it's still not a trend I would ever follow.

Shorts and Uggs

Did you know that Uggs are a winter boot?  Oh you did know that?  Yeah, so did I.  So, how come Britney Spears doesn't?  I really don't understand the joy of pairing heavy winter boots with summer skirts or shorts.  Honestly, don't your feet get hot?  Not only that but they are really unattractive boots.  I'm guessing that's why they're called Uggs...

Over-Sized Boyfriend Jeans

So I adore boyfriend jeans.  I actually bought my first pair the other day and the fit me absolutely perfect.  The key word being "fit".  Yes, even though boyfriend jeans are supposed to be slightly more relaxed and less form fitting, they are still supposed to fit you.  It looks like Katie may have pulled these right out of Tom's side of the closest.  Unfortunately, they are just much to big for her.

What do you guys think of these trends?  Are they a hit or miss for you?



  1. Ahahaha! This post made me laugh so much! Here's what I think about these trends:

    1. I don't mind the embellished/sequined shoulders I've seen around, but the spikes are just too much!

    2. The M.C. Hammer pants/harem pants make it look like the person wearing them soiled themselves.

    3. Uggs are called that because the are "ugly boots" (I found this out while I was in Australia). They are for winter, and winter only. I HATE when people wear them in warm weather with skirts, etc. If you want to wear boots with a skirt or shorts, buy cowboy boots or some other type of leather boots, not SNOW BOOTS. Hate.

    4. If you don't get nicely fitting boyfriend jeans, then you're letting the world know that you're not interested in having a boyfriend. :)

    So yeah, I think we're on the same page with these trends...hideous. I'd rather wear Steve Urkel's outfit than most of these.

  2. Hahahaha, your comments made me crack up. You and I are definitely two peas in a pod. And I agree, if there's any two people that can pull of plaid and suspenders, it's you and me baby!


  3. even if you ARE a size 0, you shouldn't wear hammer pants lol. freaking hideous atrocities of fashion. i used to despise girls with miniskirts and shorts + uggs when i lived in Miami....horrid

    Vonnie of


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