Aug 24, 2011

The Skinny on Blushes: What Types and What Work!

Blush is slowly becoming one of my favorite beauty products.  Being as pasty pale as I am normally, blush gives me the color I am so lacking.  Plus, when put on properly, it adds so much to the angles of your face.  Honestly, you can have model-worthy cheekbones with the perfect pink tone.  Oh, I should also mention, you can also create drool-worthy cleavage with a good blush too.  (Hey, I do what I have to....ha.)

Thanks to my pal over at Vintage Makeup who, after reading my Skinny on Concealers post, kindly suggested I do a similar blush post and I am soooo glad she did  (thanks so much lady!!).  I may not be a professional makeup artist BUT man, do I know a lot about blushes.  (Some good and some bad.)  So, for those that aren't aware, there are four different types of blushes: loose powder, pressed powder, cream, liquid (aka gel, in some areas) and pencils/stick.  (Of course, if you count highlighters and bronzers there'd be seven but, to me, these aren't blushes.).  All five are designed to give your cheeks that perfect warm hue but some do the job better than others.  Here's a list of my personal faves, broken down by type:

Loose Powder Blush: Avon Smooth Minerals Blush

It's no surprise that I am a huge fan of Avon products.  Their products are actually really great and no where else can you find a mineral blush for under $12.  It's unbelievable!!  This blush is great because it goes on smooth, doesn't make your skin oily and is very long lasting.
Colors are all nice and subtle
Doesn't cause your skin to become greasy or oily

Must be ordered either online or through an Avon rep

Pressed Powder: Illamasqua Powder Blush
So, this was a toss up for me.  When I think powder blush, I would always say NARS with no hesitation.  However, my allegiance seems to have changed since trying this brand.  Illamasqua makes a FABULOUS powder blush.  For the money, the blush colors are extremely pigmented and they feel virtually weightless on your cheeks.  Another thing is that they last a long time, both on your skin and in the palette.  Trust me when I say a little goes a long way.
Fantastic colors (Hussy is my FAVE)
Extremely pigmented
Long-lasting on your skin
Virtually weightless 
Glides on very smooth 
Very blendable

Price could be a factor for some
Not available in Canada (well, not in Vancouver, anyway)

Cream Blush: Estee Lauder Signature Satin Cream Blush

It still surprises me that I've yet to RAVE about this product in a post.  Seriously, for years this was my go-to blush.  Does it help that my mom worked with Estee Lauder, oh probably, but seriously, this blush glides on sooo smooth and doesn't settle in your lines or skin imperfections.  Plus, it's not overly creamy.  By this I mean there is no stickiness once it's on your skin.  
Amazing price for the quality
Long lasting on your skin
Doesn't settle in pores so it makes skin look younger
Intense color so a little goes a long way
Doesn't make your skin oily so though it's made for drier skin, can work on anyone

Not enough colors 

Liquid Blush: Benefit Posie Tint Cheek Stain

How I lived as long as I have without this product still amazes me.  I first discovered Benefit High Beam and, after I realized how great it was, I branched out to other products.  Like the Posie Tint for example.  This liquid dries in an instant and adds a sheer pink tint to your cheeks (or lips).  Best part of this blush is how long it lasts.  Seriously, I apply this in the morning and when I take it off at night (some 14 hours later) it still looks fabulous.  
Water resistent
Extremely long lasting
Very dramatic color
Easily applied (even if you're not a blush pro)
Dries instantly
Looks very natural

Should you use too much, it can stain your fingers a little
Can be hard to spread if you apply too much 

Stick Blush: Joe Fresh Style Cheek Tint

Did you know that this blush stick is only $4...YES, I know.  $4!!!  Hence why this had to appear on my faves list.  Not only is the price good, but the product is remarkably good too.  The colors are very pigmented and they are very easy to bend into the skin.

Easy to apply
Can be used on lips as well
Doesn't make skin oily 
Have a wide range of colors

Can be sticky when applying
Cheap quality (you get what you pay for)

Blushes (like everything else) are a very personal choice and what might work for me may not work for you.  I highly suggest trying out all the different types of blushes and find the one that works best for you.  I will say that with all the different types and brands out there, you're bound to find your go-to product!



  1. Thanks for the mention lovely! :) The Avon blush looks really pretty! I own a mini bottle of Posietint, and it's really pretty! Quite sheer, but I like it. :)

  2. i also have such a 'stick-brush' and love it ! you can use it simply averytime, everywhere :)

    great blog, just have to join it ! (:

    maybe you wanna take a look or join my blog:

    xoxo Olja

  3. I am yet to try an illamasqua blusher! Really want to though

  4. i love Benefit Posie Tint Cheek Stain

  5. I have checked out Illamasqua's products now several times at sephora and didn't get anything bc of the price factor. But of course after reading this post I want to go get

  6. I gotta admit that blush scares me a little. Being fair, I don't want to look like I painted bright circles on my cheeks :)
    However this post gives me the encouragement to go ahead and try again :) THANKS!! xo

  7. Fabulous post, as always! Ahh, blush. I love it so much! I'm always torn between wanting to find that one "Holy Grail" blush that I will swear on til the day I die.. and also wanting to try and own every blush ever made. Seriously, it's like the weirdest conundrum ever. I'm just still heartbroken that they discontinued my favorite VS blush. :(


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