Aug 11, 2011

Fall Must-Haves: The Banged Bob

Look at this chick!!!  Isn't she just about the cutest thing you've ever seen?  This is my amazing friend Julie and not only is she a fabulous friend/almost sister but she has AMAZING hair.  In fact, my sister is her hair stylist.  (I know, crazy right?)  Ever since the first time I saw Julie's haircut, I decided it must be mine.  Well, at some point it must be mine....

Hence why I'm beginning to grow my hair.  Now, you all know that I already have shorter hair but since one side of my hair is longer than the other (think Rhianna's hair pre-extensions) it's been a very slow, and sometimes painful venture.  However, I'm extremely committed to this daunting task because I want Julie's haircut!!!

So, for some additional motivation (for me.....sigh) here are some of the cutest banged bobs out there...

Am I the only one upset that Katie Holmes has decided to grow out her hair?  This look was perfect for her.

Though it's a bit longer than I'd like, I love the super straight edges.  It's gives it more of a rocker vibe

Not the best picture of Rhi-Rhi but still, the hair is fab.  I definitely prefer this look to her bright red extensions.

The color of this bob is what makes the cut POP.  Plus, there's something really popular right now about a strawberry orange hue...

Oh Agneyss Deyn you rock!  This girl is stunning; not only can she pull off a bob but her new super short pixie cut looks amazing too!!!

Hair is one of the most important things to me and I feel relieved knowing that I've picked my next style.  I guess the only decision is whether I want to stay red or maybe go for the platinum blonde????  Hmmmmm, decisions...



  1. The one above Agyness Deyn is the one for you! colour and style wise! Go for it :)

  2. Love them all AND i love you as a redhead!! xo

  3. I like Rhi Rhi's hair in that photo! :)

  4. Gahhhhhh.... I've been patiently growing my hair out because I want my super long hair (that I haven't had since I was 14) back.. and now you've gone and made me want to chop it all off again like I swore I'd never do!

    But I have to say.. the second to last pic is absolutely you!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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