Mar 31, 2016

The Travel Beauty Organizer: Sephora vs. Forever 21

Sephora on the left and Forever 21 on the right....which is better for the money??

I've been on the hunt for the PERFECT travel beauty organizer that won't break the bank for a number of months now.  You'd think something so complete and useful would be easy to come by, but alas, they're not, at all.

A few years ago they were all the rage and had I thought about needing one back then, I would probably own the Bobbi Brown Organizer of my dreams but I didn't and I'm now trying to find the one that comes closest to the Bobbi Brown one which is no longer available.

I picked up both of these cases last week without knowing the Forever 21 case would be an almost exact dupe for the Sephora case.  The top one is the Sephora bag and it is a lovely quilted faux-leather material with a nice thick silver zipper.  The Forever 21 is the bottom bag and it's more a windbreaker material, also with a silver zipper.

Sephora on the left and Forever 21 on the right.  The Sephora bag has a tuck-in hanger in case you want to hang it on a door when traveling.  I also like the "Sephora" logo on the inside zipper.  The Forever 21 case, though missing these details, is very similar to the Sephora bag.  The zippers are not as durable but all in all, not too bad.

One thing that is SUPER cute on the Sephora bag is that each compartment is labelled.  This is the makeup pouch.

The Jewelry pouch which is located on the back of the brush holder.

Lastly, the pouch for your toiletries.  So cute that everything has it's on place.

Though the Forever 21 bag is not labelled with where your products can go, it still has the same amount of pockets for your travel items.  It's probably one of the best dupes I've seen in a long time.

Alright ladies, the most important part....price.  The Sephora Collection Weekender Organizer rings in at $48 CAD.  Not too bad in price but hefty compared to the Sonia Kashuk Organizers I've seen at Target.  The Forever 21 Organizer is priced at $19 CAD.  A huge price difference and a great dupe if I do say so myself.  The quality is not as good as the Sephora bag BUT with that price, you can buy a couple and keep the extra one ready to go if one breaks.

What are your thoughts on the bags?  What's your go-to travel cosmetic organizer?


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  1. Oh, these are great! It would be so nice to have my makeup and toiletries in one bag! I have to check these out! xo


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