Apr 1, 2016

DIY Beauty Fridays: Uses for Q-Tips You'll Wish You Thought of Yourself

I am currently in travel mode, again.  We are going to be flying to Toronto next Thursday to introduce the Little Man to some of Allan's family.

Hence why I've been posting about travel makeup bags, etc.  I love packing for travel, especially my makeup, BUT I always find that I run out of room before everything I need is packed.  Yes, I know they make those little clear makeup containers for a reason but truly, they are so small, finicky and the leak.

That's why I am always on the hunt for new ways to pack my products using the smallest amount of space possible.  The answer: Q-tips!

Awesome Uses for Q-Tips

1.  Q-Tip Perfume Swabs
Seriously, packing a huge bottle of fragrance is completely impractical.  Spray your favorite scent on some Q-tips and touch up when you're out and about.

2.  Pop pimples with Q-Tips
We all love to squeeze pimples though we do this knowing they can scar.  After a hot shower, when you're skin is still warm, take two Q-tips and press on either side of the pimple and push lightly together.  The pimple will pop, you can easily clean up the mess AND no scarring.  Win-win

3.  Remove puffy eyes with Q-Tips
Place some eye cream in the ends of Q-tips, place in a ziploc bag and freeze them overnight.  In the AM, use the coated Q-tips underneath your eyes to remove bags and look awake!

4. Coated Q-Tip Eye Shadow Sticks 
Coat either end of a Q-tip with your favorite eye shadows, store in a ziploc bag and use when traveling.  Saves the hassle of packing a huge palette!

I know I will be saving a lot of room using these tips.  Anything you think I've missed?



Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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