Mar 10, 2016

Pinterest Find of the Day: Understanding Your Eyebrows

Yes, your brows should be lined up with the curves of your mouth.  Very difficult to achieve without pro help 

I remember when pencil thin, super arched, eyebrows were super popular.  Here I was with my thick Audrey Heburn-esque brows, imagining myself with thinner more manageable brows.  So I tweezed and shaped and STILL they grew in crazy, thick and wild looking.

Then, the times changed and thick eyebrows became the look everyone was after.  Suddenly, I had the right look!  Not only were my brows thick enough but the shape seemed to be what everyone was after.  Woohoo, less work for me.

I've become quite the perfectionist when it comes to my brows, though, over time and I do love the look of them when they're perfectly shaped and penciled in.  Nothing beats the perfect arch.

However, achieving this is less than stellar.  Here's a quick diagram that gives you a better understanding of how your brows should look once you've finished "coloring".

See how easy they make it look?  I still spend a great deal of time each day shaping and filling them in.  Ensure your brow products are top notch (don't use the cheap stuff - truly, this is one time I recommend spending the money on a great brow wax, pencil or gel).

What do your brows look like?  Are you a lover of brow products too?


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  1. Don't need to make mine thicker looking, that's for sure. It's such a pain! xo


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