Jan 13, 2016

Sun, Sand and Surf - Red Lip Gloss on Vacation

Red Lip Gloss on Holidays!

Guess where we're going for vacation at the end of this week?  If the tacos, enchiladas and guacamole aren't hints enough, we're going to MEXICO!  We can't wait to see the sun, the beach and introduce Benjamin to the ocean.

I am usually the best packer, especially for a 2 week trip away from home.  I would usually only bring a carry-on suitcase.  However, packing for yourself AND a baby means that you take the largest suitcase you can find and fill it with every possible thing a baby could need and then throw in your couple bathing suits, if there's any room left over for yourself.  Despite having very little room, I have managed to put in a couple cute items.

Puerto Vallarta

First, we're going to Puerto Vallarta for 11 days and this is a picture of the actual resort we'll be staying at.  What's even better is our amazing friends will be joining us on this adventure.  YAY.

When it comes to dressing on vacation, I practically live in my bikinis and sarongs or a lightweight bathing suit cover.  I've pretty much only packed items like this,


Plus, I don't have much room in the suitcase for anything else!!  Ha.

We can't wait to go on holidays.  As of this Saturday, we'll be off enjoying Mexico and lounging by the water.  Woohoo



  1. You guys are going to have such an amazing time! Enjoy mama xoxo

  2. Yay!! Going to be awesome! Just look at that pic!! xo

  3. Looking so beautiful. I like red lip gloss.
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