Aug 31, 2010

Say Hello to Awesome Hair!

I know you'll aware of this already but I have craaaazzzzyyyyyyy hair.

It's really thick, and dry, and color-treated, and frizzy, and sometimes curly/wavy.....and I like to texturize it myself. Yes, you heard me right. I actually have a pair of texturizing shears at home, from my grandmother, that I use between haircuts. And the worst part is, I think I do such a great job thinning out my own hair and am ALWAYS surprised when my hair stylist says "Christina, stop cutting your hair."

I have used everything to try to tame my unruly mane. Creams, oils, masks, deep conditioners.......(You get my drift). But finally, after spending heaps of coin, I've found my miracle: Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask.

I would go loopy without this product. I'll use this instead of my normal conditioner about three times a week. I shampoo my hair first and then slap this on, leaving on the hair about five minutes prior to washing off. Not only does your hair feel clean, nourished and look impossibly shiny, but it smells divine. ( Like a sweet coconut island vacation...) The product helps to reconstruct your hair by undoing damage done by chemicals and even the environment. (Sun and wind.)

Heeerrrree's the kicker though. It's expensive. I pay about $39 for 250 mL. This size, though, lasts me about three months so $13.50 a month isn't so bad. Plus, since most people don't have crazy hair like I do, you could get away with using this once a week.

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  1. Great, this post confirms what I suspected! I've been dying to try this. :) I use the original MoroccanOil which is fabulous, but sometimes I feel like my hair can use a little extra boost. Thanks for the review.


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