Aug 6, 2010

More Cheap Tips

I am seriously on a role with these tips.

All women, and maybe some men, need ways to save money and still stay beautiful. (I could probably leave this blog post with that one sentence as it sums everything up....) I mean, who doesn't want to spend less and still stay as radiantly beautiful as they were when spending a fortune......Ummmmm, I know I do!!!!!! Here are some quick tips that use every day items:

1. Shiny, brighter hair with apple-cider vinegar. Weird, I know, but rinse with this sassy stuff and not only will your hair be shiny BUT clean as well. (The apple-cider vinegar works as a clarifying shampoo.)
2. Create a body scrub with honey and brown sugar. Create a paste with the two products and buff your body silky smooth.
3. Prevent pimples with pepto bismal. Yes, weird BUT supposedly it works like a salicylic acid to tighten and reduce redness. Apply a thin layer to skin and remove once dry and hard.
4. Baby shampoo is a great eye make-up remover. Cheap too, since the bottle will last months and months.
5. Steep a bag of green tea and once cool, dab on skin. This works wonders for irritated and puffy skin.

Yes, they might be crazy BUT are inexpensive.....which saves a lot more money for fun things like lip gloss and handbags.......


  1. Honey-sugar body scrub is a very good idea! I'll try it this weekend!
    Thank you!

  2. OOOH! I am so going to try the baby shampoo for eye makeup remover. Thanks for the wonderful tips, you smarty pants, you. xoxox

  3. Hey Joe, you'll love the body scrub trust me on that. You'll smell very sweet afterward. Thanks for reading ladies!!! Xoxoxo

  4. I hear olive oil can be used as an eye make-up remover and keeps you looking young, too!

  5. Thanks for all the ideas and tips! Keep 'em coming!!

  6. Hey Debbie. I had actually heard that too. I heard olive oil is a great moisturizer should your skin be very very very dry. (Not for the oily sisters.) Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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