Feb 15, 2016

Review: L'Oreal Color Radiance Hair Products

It's been a long time since I've used a drugstore brand's products on my hair.

Seriously, a long time.

I don't remember the exact reason for switching to salon products (oh wait, my sister and friend - both stylists - basically accosted me and explained that most drugstore products were terrible for your hair) but needless to say I switched years ago and never looked back.

Until today, that is.

See, I miss sulfates.  I know, I know, you can't believe I'm saying that right?  But I truly do.  They lather so well and really seem to clean your hair.  I missed it!  And the smell...there is just something so fantastic about drugstore shampoos and conditioners.

I was sent a trio of Color Radiance products from L'Oreal and Influenster and was so excited to wash my hair that I nearly knocked Allan and Benjamin down on my way to the bathroom.

The shampoo was all I hoped it would be.  It lathered so well, made my hair feel so clean and I had to use far less than I normally would have with my salon products.  Though the shampoo was nice, it was NOT my favorite of the trio.  That would be the lovely product in the middle - Color Radiance Instant Miracle.  Seriously, this is awesomeness all packaged up.  Not only does it perform just as well as my expensive color conditioners BUT it made my hair so silky and smooth.  Plus it smelled like watermelon.  Love it.  The conditioner is standard though I would say to use it sparingly as it can cause some additional build up.

All in all, I will absolutely be buying these products again if not for their pricepoint!  So much cheaper than what I am used to paying.

Have any of you ladies tried this line before?  What were your thoughts?


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