Dec 15, 2015

The Best Palettes Under $30 - Your Wallet Will Thank You

Best Palettes Under $30

As you all know, I am a palette-aholic.  Yes, it's a problem but one I can't resist because palettes are just WAY too cute.  You get all these great products in one handy-dandy little kit that you can pack into your carry-on for travel OR sneak into your purse for going out.

Of course, most of the palettes I own are not small enough to fit into my bag, let alone a carry-on suitcase, but they are still a great collection of items at a usually great price.

The ones on this list, though, go beyond any good deal you could even imagine.  I own almost all these palettes myself and can say, without a doubt, that they are a great deal for the money and are so budget friendly, that you MUST go out and get them all.

1. ELF Spotlight Ready 50 Piece Palette (15 USD): This palette is amazing.  It's two full layers filled with shimmer and mattes shades to complete your holiday look.

2. BH Cosmetics 39 Color Special Occasion Palette - Eyes and Face (7.50 USD):  I love this palette as it has every color needed to create the perfect smoky eye in whichever tone you are wanting.

3. Maybelline Gilded in Gold Palette (15 USD): This palette not only has a highlighter, shadows and a blush, but it also comes with a lipgloss and an eyeliner.  So handy.

4. Beauty Gems Shimmer Shadow Kit (5.99 USD): Beauty Gems is a hidden gem of a brand.  Super cheap, quite pigmented for the price and minimal fall out.  Seriously, you have to get this palette.

5. NYX Wicked Dreams Palette (15 USD): I bought this palette for the beautiful gem tones and I am so happy I did.  Love the purples and blues.

6. ELF Artistry Eyeshadow Palette (20 USD): SO this is one of the palettes I don't have but want so badly.  You must get it as ELF sells out of this all time.

7. Clinique A Case of the Pretties Palette (30 USD): First off, anytime you can get a Clinique palette for under $30 you have to buy it.  Clinique has great pigmentation and is very long lasting (as long as you have a primer on).

8. NYX Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette (25 USD): Of the three "Butt Naked" styles, this one remains the best.  The colors are beautiful but the blushes are amazing.

There you have it ladies.  The 8 best palettes under $30.  What's your favorite?



  1. Love, love, love eye palettes! ELF's 32 piece studio mini endless eyes pro eyeshadow palette is on for $9.99 right now. :)

  2. Beautiful choices!! Love them all! xo


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