May 1, 2015

DIY Beauty Fridays: Homemade Stretch Mark Oil

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Being pregnant has, truly, opened up a whole new world to me.  Things I had never even thought of before are now ever-present in my mind  Of all the strange and new thoughts I have, the most interesting one is about stretch marks,

Now, first, let me begin by saying that stretch marks, when combined with pregnancy are a beautiful thing.  They signify your growing body to accommodate your growing baby and are truly a work of art.  On that note, I can STILL be slightly vain and say that I'd rather not have too many.

And I don't have any yet, which is great however, my body is almost at full capacity and I am moisturizing about 5 times a day.  I believe I owe this lack of stretch marks to a little miracle home remedy I've been using for quite some time.

Homemade Stretch Mark Oil 

1 cup olive oil (EVOO is the best)
1 cup aloe vera gel (not picky on brand but try to find a relatively pure one)
8 vitamin E capsules 

Mix first two ingredients together and, once mixed, pop the vitamin E capsules and drain into mixture.  Mix well.  Store in sealed container, in the fridge, for a nice cool gel.  Apply liberally to stomach, hips and thighs.

Seriously, this stuff is amazing.  I do recommend you try this out as both vitamin E and aloe are great for reducing redness from already existing stretch marks.

Happy Friday ladies!


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