Feb 18, 2015

The 5 Best Drugstore Charcoal Skin Care Products You Have to Try!

I'd heard about charcoal skin care products eons ago though has never tried them before.  It wasn't until I visited a friend's house and saw a charcoal cleanser by her sink that I knew it was something I must use.  For those that might not know, charcoal, when used on skin, is a natural detox.  It removes impurities from your skin leaving it clean, smooth and tight!

I immediately went to the store and picked up my first one.  That was a few months ago.  Since then, I have found the 5 best charcoal skin care products!

Yes to Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap - This soap is fabulous.  If you experience any body breakouts OR want a quick solution to washing your face, this is the soap for you.  It's nice and cheap and lasts for a long while.

Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask - Literally the best $5 I ever spent.  I use this on my arms, neck, face, shoulders and everywhere else that needs some love.  It's super moisturizing and smells delicious.

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser - I like this cleanser because it tingles on my skin. Once removed, though, my skin is clean and refreshed.  I will say that it might not be best for sensitive skin though.

Garnier Clean + Blackhead Eliminating Scrub - This scrub is amazeballs!  Honestly, it actually does what it says.  After using this scrub, your pores seem smaller and your skin is just so smooth.

Coalface Cleanser from LUSH - I am beyond obsessed with hard soap as cleansers lately.  Since being pregnant, my skin has ranged from amazing to terrible so I've been going back to basics as much as possible.  I love this soap because it lasts forever, works amazingly well and literally clears up all blemishes.  It's a dream come true!

Have you tried any of these products before?  What were your thoughts?  Which one do you most want to try?



  1. I have only tried the Freeman's one and I love it. I think I might have to try another one. I like the idea of the Lush one. xo

  2. I've tried the Garnier...but that Lush one looks awesome! When I was pregnant I had to go back to basics too...no toner...nothing...Noxzema and Ave no to moisturize and that's it!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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