Feb 9, 2015

My Vanity Table Dream Came True!

I am very excited to report that my dream of a new vanity table has come true!

Thanks to my amazing husband, and a lot of furniture rearranging, I finally have a gorgeous makeup space to call my own.

Check this out.

My new bedroom!!  Complete with new carpet and paint.  LOVE IT.

My new vanity table and makeup storage!

Special touches include a lilac chair, crystal knobs and a Ganesh candle holder!

And, best thing yet, is the hidden mirror storage which now holds all my necklaces!

I am so loving my new vanity table and storage options.  Where do you house all your makeup goodies??

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  1. Eeck, I love it! It looks great and I am envious of your vanity space! Can't wait to see it for real.

    1. Thanks Carm! Allan did such a great job and the room is looking so much bigger now ....xo

  2. It's a stunning room! So grownup and pretty! xo


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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