Oct 25, 2012

Staying Spicy With Luvmybox

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Wow, what a post title...Even steaming you might say.

I was approached, a few weeks ago, by a new Vancouver company to check out their website and luv box.  As most of you know, I haven't had much luck in the past receiving any monthly goodie boxes I've ordered, so I jumped at the chance to receive a box from the city I live in.

Plus, the best thing is, this box is boyfriend approved.

The company is called Luvmybox and it's "the perfect way to explore your wild side with fun and flirty products sent directly to your door every month".  What's even better than this is that every monthly luv box sent is a new theme so you just never know how spicy or sweet you and your partner can be.

The theme of my luv box must have been "Sexy Bath Time" as I got some fabulous bath appropriate products: a waterproof rubber duckie massager, an aphrodisiac-infused bath foam, a bright green luffa, orange ginger body wash and two different scented massage oils.  I can already say that Allan and I have put to use the massager and it is wonderful!  Another great thing about this company was how they shipped their products.  Before, with other monthly boxes I've received, the boxes have been damaged and the products wet or missing, even.  However, Luvmybox shipped everything promptly and even packaged the little black box in its on cardboard box so as not to damage the special goodies inside.  (This was a huge plus for me).

I highly recommend checking out the Luvmybox website.  Not only do you get some sexy items mailed to you directly BUT your partner can finally be involved in your online shopping purchases!  Ha

Check out Luvmybox at www.luvmybox.com   



  1. I like the concept of it, title not so sure!

  2. I am waiting for my third box now... Fun fun fun!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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