Oct 9, 2012

Our Wedding Day: In Pictures

Before I get back to regular posts, I thought I would share some of our wedding day pics. Hope you all enjoy!!

The groomsmen and groom looking dapper

My bridesmaids and me

Allan seeing me for the first time

Checking me out

Excited to see each other

My awesome homemade sash

The group, together

Special moments

My peacock shoes

Kissy faces

Blowing (and popping) bubbles

Needing to reapply the fuchsia lipstick

The candy buffet

Homemade signs 

Me and my dad, walking down the aisle

My dried flower bouquet

It's all done!  We're husband and wife

Wedding party mayhem

Sisters!  Lisa, my sis and maid of honour

The rings

Mmmm, pies!

My sister and her boyfriend singing us a song

Cutting the pie

Thanks for checking them out!!


  1. WOW.. I love how different and lovely your wedding looks. Everything works beautifully.. I hope you had an amazing day.



  2. What a wonderful wedding! Congratulations to you and your husband :)

    I love it all, your dress with that beautiful sash, the outfit for your bridesmaids, the groom and groomsmen, the candy buffet, the homemade touches, your bouquet. Aww, thank you for sharing your special day

  3. beautiful pictures, looked like a fabulous day! x

  4. You look stunning and the both of you look blissfully happy!

  5. thank you for sharing the photos and congratulations!!! everything is beautiful and I love the colours!!

  6. Awww, I love all of them! You looked fabulous, everything was beautiful, and I SERIOUSLY love your bouquet!

    My bff just got married as well and now I'm like "Honey... can we have another wedding? I wanna get married again!" Haha! DEFINITELY don't miss all of that planning, though! ;)


  7. Perfect day to start a perfect life together! Congrats to you and Allan!! xo

  8. Congratulations!!! The love and happiness really projects itself at the photos. Do you have an establishing shot of the reception and wedding area? =) Anyway, looking at the photo, it looks like you had a garden wedding. Where were you married? :)


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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