Jun 7, 2012

Review: Nad's Natural Hair Removal Gel

If you've been following this blog for a while you'll remember my first waxing encounter.  It was not pretty.

Having said that, when I was contacted about trying an at-home waxing treatment, I thought it was time to jump back on the horse and give this waxing thing a whirl again.  Unfortunately, my body was NOT on board.  (I guess I really am scarred for life.)  Allan (my fiance), who's been contemplating purchasing the No-No Hair System for his pesky shoulder and back hair, asked to be my guinea pig for the Nad's product and I graciously accepted his offer.

Poor Allan and his annoyingly long shoulder hair.  I should mention that Allan is quite a hairy guy.  He has waxed his shoulders before but it's not something he does religiously.  (In other words, he knows what waxing feels like and is not intimidated by pain.)

The actual process itself is made to be quite easy.  First, you must clean the area to be waxed with the enclosed cleaning cloths and apply gel (in a thin layer) in the direction of hair growth.  However, what got me was how sticky and difficult to apply the gel was.  Not only was it sticky but as the gel was being applied, it was pulling some of his hairs out before the waxing strip was applied.  I will mention that I heated the gel up (for 15 seconds) after the initial swipe and it was easier to apply but was still very messy and very sticky.

Hair removed from initial spot

All hair has been removed from right shoulder

Alla is a brave, brave boy.  Not once was there a peep saying "this hurts" or "please STOP you're killing me."  In fact, he read his Mountain Bike magazine the entire time and let me go to town.
Easy to use 
Removes hair quickly
Very very sticky
Quite messy 
Package doesn't come with enough cleansing cloths or wax strips

All in all, I think my first encounter with Nad's Natural Hair Removal Gel  was pretty decent.  However, it's not something I would use again personally.  I actually think the messiness and stickiness got the better of me.  I will say that I have seen on the Nad's website pre-waxed strips (which eliminates the messiness) and I think they would be more up my alley.  In terms of hair removal though, it works really well!  Allan's shoulders are completely bare (which makes me a happy camper) and his skin is super smooth with virtually no irritation.

Have any of you tried this product before?


  1. I haven't tried this before but it does look sticky and kinda messy...

  2. I love the idea of waxing...but I am so on bored with you about the stickiness and messiess that comes with the "convenience" of at home systems. I had tried the Veet Wax Strips and they SUCK, they do absolutely nothing; like do not work at all... I desperately want to try NONO,but I am concerned about two things, having to cough up the money one, and are there any unknown side effects to this relatively new lazer-ish product we potntially put all over our body???? What do you think, have you heard anything? UGH I hate body hair.

  3. Wow I totally remember Nads!!... I used to use it years ago until they quit selling it where I lived. It's a hot mess literally, but I liked it better than Nair and stuff back in the day.

  4. The NONO has horrible reviews online! :(

    We sell the Remington I-Light at my work, which is an at-home laser hair removal system. It has AMAZING reviews, and I'm literally dyyyyyiiiiiinnnngggg to get one. Be sure to check that out before you commit to the NONO.

    Lastly, I agree. At-home waxing is just never as easy as it could be. Remember my Veet disaster?? :(


  5. Hi everyone,

    Nad's is still sold in major retailers and online websites. Nad's is actually celebrating its 20th year anniversary! We have increased our range from the original gel to hair removal creams (painless hair removal), wax strips (perfect for people on the go) and more...Checkout our website nads.com.au to view more products and find your nearest stockist.

  6. There are better products available than this, it sure looks messy and the results are not that great.


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