May 30, 2012

Review: GLEAM Lip Radiance in Unstoppable

I was sent this fresh, newly-launched lip gloss quite some time ago and finally tried it out over the weekend. First off, it's a shame it took me this long and second, I'm shocked it took this long as reds are definitely my standard go-to lip color.

The brand is called Gleam and it's founder is Melanie Mills, the former head makeup artist for ABC'S Dancing With The Stars.  The press release says that it launched on "February 1, online, and in select salons nationwide.  GLEAM Lip Radiance will be available in seven juicy shades that are tailored to fit every skin
tone."  As tantalizing as the 7 shades are, I am more than thrilled to have been sent Unstoppable, a gorgeous bright red shade that really makes my lips pop.

In fact, that's what the Lip Radiance line was designed to: Make your lips pop!  The organic and botanical ingredients not only moisturize the skin but make the product sturdy enough to be used without liner AND last all day or night.

GLEAM Lip Radiance in Unstoppable

Beautiful jewel-toned red 
Absolutely no stickiness
Lip gloss goes on very smooth
Tints lips a gorgeous red shade

Price - $24 is rather pricey
Doesn't last all day like the press release says
Only 7 shades and most are unwearable

 For me, the price point is much too high for me to get excited over the beautiful color and feel of the gloss.  I know that I buy way more expensive things BUT I typically will not buy a lip gloss that costs this much.  (Unless it's a limited-edition Chanel, but let's be honest, that doesn't really count.)  Yes, the product goes on well, and stays for a relatively long time but it's the price that's throwing me off.

Either way, if price is not a factor to you, I do recommend this lip gloss.  The feel and texture of the product alone is well worth it.

Have any of you ladies tried this item before?


  1. Great and honest review! I can't see me spending $24 on lip gloss either!! But I love the color! xo

  2. OMG her Pop My Cork and Naked are the BOMB! You have to be kidding on the "unwearable" color remark!
    Glosses in Chanel and Dior top 30 bucks too

    1. This is just my opinion so I am super thrilled to hear you like them! I noticed the other colors like neon purple and knew it's unwearable to me



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