May 31, 2012

Guess What? I'm Writing A Travel Blog!

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Should I clarify and say that me and my almost husband, Allan, are writing it together? Well, we are!!!

 The blog is entitled The Antsy Travelers and I highly recommend everyone checking it out.  (You can check it out HERE.)  We're planning to document our three-week Bali trip as well as some of the other crazy adventures we have in store.

If you're into traveling like we are AND would like to share some of your travel experiences (good or bad), adventures and tales, please email me at  I would LOVE to have you featured on The Antsy Travelers Blog.

Thanks again, everyone, for your continued support with Red Lip Gloss.  I'm hoping to make the travel blog as  equally fun and exciting as the first one.



  1. Yay for awesome new blogs! Can't wait to see where all your travel take you! xo

  2. Will definitely be following this one! Can't wait to hear about your words on travel. Xo.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I'm stoked for this new adventure, that's for sure



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