Apr 19, 2012

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Want To..

Yes, my friends, today I am 30.

Wow, just typing that makes me slightly uneasy.  I don't know why this number freaks me out but it just does.  It's almost like this milestone crept up so quickly that I haven't had time to adjust.  I apologize for wallowing, and I know I shouldn't since this year is going to be one of my most exciting and amazing ones EVER, but I'm very sad to have left my 20s behind.

On that note, I should say that I have the best friends EVER who've already made this milestone birthday so memorable.  Thanks again to you guys for being so fab.  I just had to share all the wonderful goodies they gave me!!

This past weekend was my birthday party.  (Yes, I threw a party!)  We all went bowling and then for dinner and drinks and it was super fun.  Amidst crazy bowling, trophies and cupcakes, my pals gave me some of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received before...

First gift was from my pal, Candice, who found this fabulous stacking tea set WHICH is perfect since I'm such an avid tea drinker.  She also got this really cool pop-up birthday card that says 30, in case I forgot how old I am.

Margaret and Albert found this adorable pink box and stuffed it with all my favorite sour candies and some excellent bracelets for our trip to Bali.  I was actually a bit nervous about wearing (and bringing) jewelry there so these make it easy to wear on the flight and will still spice up any outfit.

My mom, of course, loves to grab me my skin care products and actually visited me this past weekend so I could open them with her here.  I got my favorite moisturizer, Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream and the magical Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer Serum.  (More on this one ladies.  It really works wonders.)

Carmen and Nathan picked out a bunch of great travel gear for our honeymoon to Bali.  I got an inflatable pillow (perfect for our LONG layovers and flights), an eye mask and an identity protecting passport cover.

Bronwen knew I'd been eyeing this beautiful tea for one tea pot and mug from Davids Tea so she, of course, picked it up along with my favorite macarons, which I've already eaten.  (Yes, I'm a piggie...ha)  I am obsessed with this tea for one set because it's CORAL!!

With some of my birthday money I picked out this rockin' neon tangerine hoodie.  Thanks Margaret for wearing it on Saturday and for telling me where you got it.  Yes, we're going to be twins...ha

Smashbox Shades Of Fame Eye Palette and Brush (limited edition)

Smashbox Shades of Fame Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss Set (limited edition)

Sephora Color of the Year Duo: Desert Flower and Coral
With the help of a gift card from Ryan and Heather and some left over birthday money, I went to Sephora and got these three items.  I wanted the Smashbox palette so badly as soon as I saw it and bought both the blush and lip glosses specifically for my trip to Bali.  Since I won't be bringing too much else, I want to ensure I can create a lot of looks with limited items.  These colors are perfect.

I also received a Davids Tea gift card from my pal Eva, but I've yet to spend it....hmmm, what to get?

As sad as turning another year older is, it makes it all the easier (and more fun) when you have friends like I do around to celebrate with.  Now, after work today, Allan is making me dinner and giving me his gift.  So, the celebrating isn't even over yet.

Have a great day and happy birthday to my birthday twins out there!!


  1. getting older isn't that bad when you're surrounded by such awesome friends and family... great birthday haul :)

    although I know what you mean about leaving your 20's behind :)

  2. YAY!! Happy birthday lady!! Seriously, the 30s aren't so bad... Glad you had an awesome time and were spoiled! xo


  4. Happy Birthday Christina!! 30 ROCKS! My 20's were FAB!! (ask Bronwen! LOL!) but I seriously LOVE my 30's WAY more than my 20's. There is just a different level of confidence that comes with the life experience. And with friends and family like you have darling! You'll be just fine! Enjoy!! xoxo

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN! You got spoiled! Love that neon tangerine hoodie! x

  6. i love your blog!!!



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