Jan 11, 2011

Fantastic EcoTools Deals

I woke up this morning and was completely stunned that it's January 11th.

JANUARY 11th!!

This means it's been quite some time since my last blog post. So, not only am I going to blog about a fantastic deal I discovered BUT I'm also going to explain what I've been up to in the past couple weeks. Christmas came and went with Allan and I spending our holidays in Toronto and Stratford. (See, it was our turn to spend Christmas break with his family this year and we had a blast THOUGH there wasn't any snow....slightly weird but still a very fun time.) Then, I was working like a beaver attempting to make my December 31st deadline at work AND, last but not least, Allan and I are looking to buy a place. That's pretty much the most exciting news of the lot....ha

So, because we're going to be first-time home buyers in the next couple months, a deal on cosmetics or accessories is definitely needed. I was walking through London Drugs the other day and found the greatest set of make-up brushes (4 to be exact), including a hemp bag, for only $9.99. (YAY...under $10!!!)

For those that aren't too familiar with the brand EcoTools, check out my friend Ariella's guest blog here. Alicia Silverstone doesn't add her name to just anything and being a HUGE animal rights activist, helped create a line that is not only 100% cruelty-free but also kind to the earth. These brushes are actually one of the best deals I've found since they last a long time and hold their shape extremely well. And best of all, they're soft on your skin.

Check them out ladies. Not only are they kind to your wallet but the earth will love you a whole lot more too!

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  1. ohhhh... I am going to pick some of these up TODAY!!
    Good luck on your house hunt too!


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