Nov 29, 2010

Christmas Cheer in November

Saturday night was my first holiday party of the season.

Let me begin by saying that Christmas is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year; I adore this holiday. I love everything from the Christmas Carols, gift wrapping, and baking to freezing your butt off when you step outside the door. But, the best thing about the holidays is eating amazing food and drinking warm bevvies with friends.

A girlfriend and I planned a holiday get-together for our circle of friends this past weekend. Long story short, everyone piled over to our house for some pre-drinks and Mario Kart Battles before we all made the long trek to Langley for the Olive Garden Restaurant. My girlfriend also planned a Secret Santa gift exchange, with a $15 limit,
which took place right after we ordered

My other good friend, Carmen, was my Secret Santa, so how excited was I when a cute black and white Sephora bag was placed in front of me??? And let me just say, ladies, that the present was adorable!!! The black bag housed some Boscia Peppermint Blotting Linens (an absolute must-have for anyone who gets oily during the day) and a Sephora Color Wand in Siren. The color wand is awesome for the girl who loves manyl different shades of gloss...(, of course.) It contains 6 different mini-glosses in a long, slender tube. To access, you twist the color you want and PRESTO a little sponge applicator appears at the bottom of the gloss above. It's purse-sized and packs tons of glossy options in one container. (This product is the perfect excuse for me to clean out my bag before New York.)

Needless to say, the first Christmas party of the season was smashing!

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  1. YAY, the get-together was a great way to kick off the holiday season! I had a great time too! xo


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