Nov 8, 2010

Best $20 Purse-Sized Compact....EVER!

Have you ever seen a bug zapper before? For some reason, every insect within a 1 mile radius is drawn, instinctively almost, to that strange glowing light emanating from the device.

The Sephora Collection is my strange glowing light.

Whenever I go into Sephora, I gravitate towards the Collection without even thinking. I load up my little hand basket, almost instinctively, with goodies that I don't need and leave with a big bill and a spinning head. On one of these excursions I found something quite noteworthy though... The Sephora Collection Color to Go Red Edition Palette.
This bad boy comes with 8 eye shadows (all metallic and highly pigmented), 4 lip colors and 1 blush. Best of all is that it's purse sized!! There are 3 different palettes, though I only have two of them. The red palette (my personal fave), the black palette which are the cool tones and the pink palette (supporting breast cancer research.) All are a ridiculously good buy at only $20.

And, they are the perfect gift for Christmas too! Trust me, I've bought 4 for gifts already.....


  1. Ha, yes I am in LOVE with this compact. Just wait till you see the new Sephora Blockbuster this year.....amazing!!!!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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