Jan 9, 2018

Beauty Subscription Box Breakdown - What I Receive and How Much It Costs

My Beauty Subscription Boxes title

I'm obsessed with Beauty Subscription Boxes...

It's moved from being a "love" into a full-out obsession.  I adore watching people opening their boxes on YouTube.  I adore checking the mail for new boxes per month.  Everything about these little boxes makes me so blissful.

However, they come with a cost.  And if you're not careful, they can add up quite quickly, depending on which boxes you receive per month or quarter.

Here are the boxes I subscribe to monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly:

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Image result for boxycharm

BoxyCharm is one of the best monthly beauty subscription boxes on the market.  The box value is always much greater than the cost and you receive a multitude of top brands and lines.  There is currently a wait-list for BoxyCharm because it is so high in demand, people will wait months to receive it.  This is one box I will never, ever cancel.

The Cost: $21 USD/month (equates to about $30 CAD/month with shipping)
The Box: 4 - 5 full-sized products per month 
The Verdict: 5/5

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GlossyBox is quite similar to BoxyCharm though I find I receive more skincare and hair care items than beauty products.  I love the packaging of GlossyBox and their product card is much more detailed than BoxyCharm.  However, it does not contain the same amount of full-sized products as BoxyCharm does.  All in all, I enjoy this box and will continue with it for another few months before I think about cancelling.

The Cost: $21 USD/month (equates to about $30 CAD/month with shipping)
The Box: 5 products (with a selection of full-size and deluxe sample sizes)
The Verdict: 3.5/5

Related imageLookFantastic

I used to subscribe to Ipsy back in the day and hated that everything was so small.  I since realized how handy it is to have a smaller sized subscription box after running out of these sizes when packing for a trip.  So my love affair with LookFantastic started.  First off, it's directly from the UK and you get  mini-magazine with it every month.  They even occasionally through in a full-size product or two.  I adore this little box and love that I get to try brands that I wouldn't normally have access to.

The Cost: $20 CAD/month (Sign up for a year; this gives a discount on the monthly price)
The Box: 5 - 6 products (deluxe sample size with some full-size items)
The Verdict: 4/5

Image result for lola beauty box
Lola Beauty Box

This is a newer beauty box for me and I am very, very impressed already.  I received December as my first box and it is very similar to BoxyCharm in the sense of all the full-sized goodies.  I also love that it is mainly beauty product related.  I would actually go as far to say that this is at the same level as BoxyCharm for me.

The Cost: $21 USD/month (equates to about $30 CAD/month with shipping)
The Box: 4 - 5 full-sized products per month 
The Verdict: 5/5

Related image

This is an all-lip product monthly subscription box though I find that you will typically receive 3 lip products and one wild card product that can be anything from an eyeshadow to a highlighter.  I have subscribed to this one for a very long time and can't seem to cancel it even though I have SO MANY lip products.  I like this one though find that it can sometimes be a bit inconsistent - however, I have received a lot of great products from this one.

The Cost: $12.95 USD/month (equates to about $17 CAD/month with shipping)
The Box: 4 full-sized lip products per month 
The Verdict: 4/5

Bi-Monthly Subscription Boxes

Image result for deck of scarlet
Deck of Scarlet

Never have I ever seen a palette subscription box before.  Especially one that is bi-monthly AND you have the option of skipping if you don't like the palette colors.  I adore this subscription but haven't liked the last 3 palettes so I skipped them.  The price point is absolutely astonishing and the packaging is gorgeous.  I recommend this subscription service to everyone I find!

The Cost: $29.95 USD bi-monthly (equates to about $40 CAD/bi-monthly with shipping)
The Box: One full palette including 3 shadows, two blushes/bronzer/highlighter and 2 lip glosses (it will usually come with a lip liner or eye liner too)
The Verdict: 6/5
To Subscribe: www.deckofscarlet.com

Quarterly Subscription Boxes

Image result for fabfitfun

FabFitFun is a great full-sized subscription box.  It combines products ranging from beauty, skincare, fitness and home items in one great seasonal box.  The company always says that there is a minimum of $200 USD per box though my winter box was priced at $427 USD which is astronomical.  I find that the skincare products are the best and I think I continue with this box because of the price point o those items but I dislike the fitness products altogether.

The Cost: $49.99 USD per season (equates to about $60 CAD/quarter with shipping)
The Box: All items are full-sized and the box usually contains about 12 items at least
The Verdict: 4.5/5
To Subscribe: http://xo.fff.me/eyTX0

What boxes do you subscribe to Glossers? Anything I should be receiving but don't?

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  1. I love beauty boxes too and subscribe to most of the ones you do! I love them. I like changing them up to with some other boxes as well. I'm trying out Splendies, an underwear one. It got off the a rocky start for me, but so far things have been better xo


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