May 10, 2016

My First Ever Starlooks StarBox - April 2016

I become quite fascinated with the Starlooks brand through Ipsy.  I'd actually never heard of Starlooks before joining Ipsy and can still not believe I had.

Truly, their products are pretty great.  And, better yet, they are not overpriced.

They offer two different beauty subscription boxed to both the US and Canada and I recently signed up for the cheaper of the two options.  The options are the PerfectSize Starbox Subscription (for a total of $17 USD) or the Full-Size Starbox Subscription (for $23 USD).  These prices include shipping.  I chose the PerfectSize box as I wanted to ensure I loved all the products before I upgrade my membership.

I received my first box in 2 days after placing the order which was amazing and it came with 3 PerfectSize items and a full-sized item.  Total surprise on the full-size item, to be honest.

I received a Starlooks Lip Gloss in Mad Crush, Starlooks Gimme More Volumizing Mascara, Starlooks Lip Liner in Dragon Fruit and a Starlooks Tender Gloss Lipstick in Pooh Bear.

Also, you can see a little card poking out underneath and it's a lifetime discount on all PerfectSize Cosmetics - This little care warrants me $4 off EVERY PerfectSize item I order from their site.  Not too shabby, if you ask me.

And, here are the swatches of the products. from left to right we have the lip gloss, liner and the lipstick.  I am beyond obsessed with the lipstick as I adore this color for summer.  Can't wait to have a tan and sport it.

What do you think of the goodies?  Worth the price?


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  1. These are awesome! I love the colors! I totally think they are worth the money! xo


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