Jan 6, 2015

Makeup Brush Cheat Sheet

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With so many types of makeup brushes on the market now, how do you even know which tool does what?  Kabuki, concealer, foundation, stippling and contour brushes are just naming a few but how do you know what tool works with which beauty product?  Check out this cheat sheet to make all your brush woes disappear.

Foundation Brush

This brush is used to apply liquid foundation or cream foundation all over your skin.  The flat bristles make for easy application but also creates a flawless looking finish on your skin.  Ensure you're picking the correct type as they come in two different variations: tapered and rounded.  Tapered is best used with liquid and cream foundations whole rounded contains densely packed bristles that blend as your brush which creates a smoother, more natural appearance.

Stippling Brush

The stippling brush contains two different types of fibers blended in one brush and is best used with liquid foundation.  The flat top is perfect for added coverage and will give you an airbrushed look. However, this brush can also be used for cream blush and bronzers.

Concealer Brush

This one may be obvious but this brush is used to apply concealer on all those little red bumps or slight imperfections.  This brush usually looks like a foundation brush but is way smaller so as not to aggravate the bump when it's being used.  Ensure you use this only for concealer and only use a small amount of product at a time.  Once you've placed on the spot, feather the product around the bump using the brush without disturbing the foundation.

Blush Brush

The fluffy brushes are usually for blush.  They are fantastic for blush/bronzers are they distribute powdered products evenly and can cover large areas of the face with little work.  You can also use this brush for highlighter products as well.

Contour Brush

This angled brush allows you to add dimension and definition to your face as the bristles mimic the angle of your cheek bones.  This brush is great when used with bronzers and blushes and can be used all over the face to create a sun-kissed look.

Eye Shadow Brush

If you don't have one of these brushes, I suggest going out and buying them ASAP.  I always keep three on hand: one for light colors, one for pigments and one for dark colors.  This brush is an absolute staple for any and all eye looks.  You can also wet this brush before using certain eye shadows to create very dramatic eyes.

Eyebrow Brush

This firm angled brush is perfect for creating precise lines and filling in sparse eyebrows.  You can also use this great brush for eyeliner, which I do often.  Ensure you are filling in your eyebrows only in the direction of hair growth!!



  1. Such a great post! I was just thinking the other day about what one oh my brushes actually did. Question though: which one is the best for powder foundations?? xo

  2. I just realised i have a contour brush and didn't know it! Ha! I was using it to sweep on light eyeshadow!

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