Nov 19, 2014

The Dreaded Eyeliner: Explained

My eyeliner on a good day....ha
I get asked about eyeliner, a lot.

Honestly, more than you would think.  I wonder if people think that I'm a MASTER at putting it on because I have a beauty blog.  I'm lucky, though, as I have almond shaped eyes and really big eyes to boot.  This makes me able to smudge eyeliner around the outside corner of my eyes, put a lot of tight liner on, a lot of mascara and call it a smoky eye.

But honestly, perfectly placed eyeliner is a talent I've yet to master.  I am definitely much better than I used to be and do get asked to do smoky eyes on most of my friends but it does take practice.  And a lot of practice at that.

Here's a quick eyeliner guide providing you with an easy look at how to place eyeliner on your eye based on what will look good on your eye shape.

Remember, don't get discouraged and PRACTICE makes perfect.

What eyeliner style is your favorite?  How long did it take you to master?


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  1. This is the post I needed today!! Liner is my biggest nightmare! Thanks so much for this!
    I love the Younique liners, they are my absolute fave! xo


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