Aug 3, 2012

DIY Beauty Fridays: Patchouli Anti-Acne Moisturizer

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Sometimes, weird beauty tips show up in my inbox from various friends. Sometimes, these tips are so great that I feature them on DIY Beauty Fridays...Like this tip, from my pal Bronwen.

Imagine, getting rid of acne AND wrinkles with patchouli oil.

Patchouli, aka the "hippie scent", is actually a bush plant that grows in the tropical asian countries. This plant, which doesn't like direct sunlight, is harvested for not only it's essential oil but also its seeds.

Patchouli Oil Moisturizer

10 drops of essential patchouli oil 
10 oz almond oil

Mix oils together and apply to cleansed skin.  Keep mixture in a sealed container in the fridge OR in a cool, dry place.  (I usually keep things like this in the back of my closet.)

Why this works?:  Patchouli is thought to be a natural acne remedy and the oils keep your skin moisturized without being overbearing.  I mean, let's be honest, there's a reason hippies have such great skin!

Happy Friday ladies!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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