Jul 11, 2012

Spray Tan Experience: The VersaSpa

Two days before the bachelorette party, I decided I was done with being pale and booked my first EVER spray tan.

After some careful research, (unlike I did with my burning experience) I selected Sunscape Tanning in Port Coquitlam.  Not only are they just down the street BUT their sunless tanning machine is VersaSpa.  I'd heard many great things from friends regarding this brand, so I gave it whirl.

Photo courtesy of www.tandallas.net
For those that aren't too familiar with VersaSpa, it's an automated, enclosed machine that you stand in while the machine sprays your body for you.  The only thing you need to worry about is perfecting 4 different stances/poses and ensuring your eyes are kept closed.  I really liked the VersaSpa machine because you're not fully enclosed; the sides are open so no need to worry about feeling claustrophobic!!

Sunscape Tanning was awesome!  The two girls there helped me out immensely and were such fun.  (They laughed at my sarcastic jokes, so that was a plus.)  The salon was immaculately kept and the smell...sigh..was glorious. It smelled of coconut, suntan oil and cocoa butter.  Heaven.

After the gal showed me to my room AND explained the machine, I was off to the races.  I slathered my feet and hands with cream - which prevents your feet and hands from turning orange - and jumped into the unit.  The automated voice told me what to do and where to go and after 60 seconds, I was done.  I jumped out, patted myself dry and left.

The next day, I was actually tanned.  For me, this is a really big deal because I never tan.  However, I did notice that my hands, feet and fingers were orange which means I didn't slather myself with enough cream.  Later on in the day, I did notice other patchy areas on my legs but all in all, for a $32 tan, I was pretty impressed.

Notes to remember: Use a lot of the provided cream on feet, hands and fingers and ask employees about splotchy areas.

All in all, it was a really pleasant experience and I couldn't get over how tanned I was AND how long it lasted.  (About 8 days.)  However, this tan will not be my first pick for a wedding glow.  I'm thinking I need something much more precise.

Have any of you ladies tried the VersaSpa?  What are your thoughts?



  1. Your tan really looked amazing! I was very impressed and I definetly want to try it out soon. I, too, am tired of being pale! xo

  2. Girl next time get a spray tan from a person not a machine. I promise it will please you a lot more.
    I do them cheaper then a machine anyways and its much better quality.


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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