Sep 15, 2011

TRESemme Freshstart Strengthing Dry Shampoo: A Review

Dry shampoo is vital to my second-day hair routine.  I don't know about you but by day two (or three AND sometimes four) my hair definitely needs a pick me up.  For this reason, I have spent muchos dollars and extensive time testing multiple dry shampoo brands ranging from the cheap to the expensive and though I've found a few I like, I still felt like something was lacking in all of them.

So, when I saw the ad for TRESemme's new dry shampoos, I was very eager to test them out and I'm SOOOOO happy I did.

I purchased the Strengthening Dry Shampoo which is for dry hair that's prone to breakage.  I got this one because by day two, my hair can occasionally feel like straw.  This shampoo contains Keratin and Vitamin B12, both of which rejuvenate dry and brittle locks.  (The other two dry shampoos in the TRESemme line are Volumizing and Original.)

Applied like a hairspray, this dry shampoo is easy to use AND always manages to disperse itself evenly through out your hair.  Plus, here's the kicker, because it comes out in a steady stream like hairspray, there's no messy white residue anywhere.  (This was always the downfall of Batiste, my typical go-to dry shampoo.)  Another thing I like about this product is the smell; it's light, clean and doesn't have that potent chemical smell that other shampoos and even hairsprays have.

Very inexpensive
Applys evenly 
Removes oil and odour really well
Doesn't make my hair greasy (a HUGE plus)
Styling is easy after using this product 
Hair is left feeling refreshed and clean (not heavy at all)
No messy white residue 

 Absolutely none

All in all, I am loving this product more than I originally anticipated.  The fact that I only paid $7.00 for this dry shampoo and it works much more effectively compared to the more expensive brands I've used still blows my mind.  Never again will I need to buy anything more expensive than this one.  It makes my abnormally dry hair feel moisturized AND keeps it oil-free all day.  I think I'm in love.

Have any of you tried this product before? If so, what are your thoughts?



  1. I use the mousse, but i'm not a huge fan of it. I think I might give this one a try too. xo

  2. I have the original dry shampoo, I didn't know they had other versions!

  3. i love their aerosol hairsprays. they don't soak the hair and don't make your hair overly crunchy like some, even if you go crazy with it. I'm a hairspray addict.. Treseme and Pantene aerosol are my faves. :)

  4. I try the original dry shampoo unfortunately it did'nt work out for me

  5. Hmm.. I tried the original version and even though I love Tresemme products, I hated that shampoo. It did have white residue for me and made my hair MORE greasy (?!).. Plus it had too much of a smell that gave me a headache. I ended up giving it to my mom.

    I'll stick with my Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible, even if it is $22/can.

    I'm glad this one worked for you, though! ♥


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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