Dec 3, 2014

Style Inspiration: Blake Lively

I cried the day my skinny jeans wouldn't do up.  Honestly, I know how silly that sounds but I was truly upset.  Two weeks ago, I had to buy my first (two) pairs of skinny maternity jeans and I almost had a conniption fit in the dressing room.  I didn't understand the sizing and the big panel at the top of the jeans scared me.

And then I put them on....

And realized how great they truly are.  Not only are they unbelievably comfortable but you no longer need to suck your tummy in when walking around.  I even got to buy the same size that I usually am in non-maternity jeans.  I've realized how absolutely in love with them I am and am still not to sure if I will ever go back to non-maternity jeans....I'm quite undecided.

Blake Lively is stunning normally but, pregnant, she is a rare gem.  Her bohemian flare has not dissipated since being pregnant and I can truly say that her pregnancy style is my inspiration.  Now, if only I had the money to shop where she shops.....

Winter Pregnancy Glow

Quiz cape coat
29 CAD -
MERONA Jordyn Slvls Ruffle Top
23 CAD -
H&M MAMA Skinny Jeans
45 CAD -
H&M dark brown booties
45 CAD -
Chloé leather hobo shoulder bag
370 CAD -
Green pendant
32 CAD -
NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
43 CAD -


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