Dec 31, 2014

Review: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil Face

Sometimes, I receive some pretty crappy products for review and other times I receive some AWESOME ones.  I'm so glad to say that this one falls into the latter category.

Since being pregnant, I've become very familiar with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula products.  I love the Stretch Mark cream, the Self-Tanner is just amazing and I can now add another product to this list: the Skin Therapy Oil Face.

For those that follow this blog often, you know how much I like face oils.  I love the heaviness of the product, the richness of the oil and the many many invigorating properties of the different types of oils blended into one.  This one, though, in addition to minimizing lines and wrinkles also works wonders on fading acne scarring, which makes me SUPER happy.  It's done wonders and I've only been using it for just under a week now.

With every oil, there is a slight downside.  The greasiness.  Be prepared to put this on your skin and not go to bed right away as your skin needs some time to absorb it fully.  For those that aren't used to using an oil, it might feel a bit heavy but do give it some time to soak in and that feeling will go away.  I should also mention the smell of the product which, to me, smells like roses.  I know a lot of people prefer their skin care products to be unscented but this one has a gorgeous smell, if you like roses.

All in all, for an oil that ONLY costs about $10 it's fabulous.  I highly recommend it to everyone.

Stay tuned friends, as I will be posting about AN AMAZING GIVEAWAY tomorrow.



  1. I've never been into face oil, but I think you might have convinced me to give this one a try! xo

    1. It's made my skin so smooth and much more balanced. I love it

  2. I would be scared to put oil on my already greasy face...but after reading this maybe I would for the fading properties!

    1. You would love this stuff! It's not as greasy as some oils on the market and it's really worked to fade some of my scarring xo


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