Dec 12, 2014

DIY Beauty Fridays: Homemade Relaxing Muscle Oil

I'm sore all the time.  This is truly something I've learned while pregnant.

I mean I am a very active person and work out a lot so sore muscles are not new to me however, being pregnant makes you feel like you have sore muscles without working out.  Seriously, my hips are getting wider, my knees ache in the morning and my back is always throbbing.

I've been told this soreness will pass BUT in the meantime, I need something to help with the achiness.

Homemade Relaxing Muscle Oil

2 cups almond or olive oil
2 TBSP dried coarsely ground ginger
24 drops eucalyptus oil

Place oil and ginger in a slow cooker for about 6 hours.  (if you don't have one, use a saucepan on very low heat).  Turn off heat and let cool.  Strain through a cheese cloth and add in oil once strained.  Use on sore body.  (Store in a cool place).

This is great stuff.  I've used this a few times in my life and it always made me feel. I will definitely be making a batch of this tomorrow.



  1. Oh poor you! It sounds painful, hopefully it will pass soon!!! xo

  2. How far along are you? I found my hips were really aching at about 14-16 weeks and then it all eased off...I'm guessing it will come back though. I'm in the second trimester at the moment.. it's that blissful middle stage :)

    1. I am almost 17 weeks now. SO HAPPY to hear that it will taper off. I am truly counting on that. Congrats on your pregnancy too!!! So exciting


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