Dec 30, 2011

And The Winner of The George's Cream Giveaway Is....

First I wanted to ensure that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and holidays.  I apologize for falling off the face of the earth for a few days but Allan's grandfather passed away on the 23rd and we rushed off to Ontario for the memorial.  Though the circumstances were awful, it was really great to see his entire family for the holidays.

Now, onto the giveaway results.  I was really hoping to have a few more individuals enter the draw but a BIG thanks goes out to all the 16 entries I had.  And, after using, the winner is ARIELLA TURNER!  Congratulations Ariella.

I hope that everyone has a safe and exciting New Year.  Allan and I are ringing the new year in with Chinese Food and a Lord of the Rings marathon.  (Here's hoping you get up to much more exciting things than us....ha.)  Can't wait to share even more DIY Fridays, reviews, and FOTD's in 2012!!!

Dec 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Due to a family emergency, Allan and I are flying out to Toronto immediately and I will, unfortunately, not be accessing my computer during our stay. Having said that, I wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my fabulous friends and readers. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years!

Can't wait to read all your posts (and write my own) in the New Year!

Dec 22, 2011

All Things Marie Udderly Smooth Giveaway: I Won!

I'm always extremely surprised, and elated, every time I win a giveaway.  Not that I enter them that often but when I do enter and actually win, I am literally the happiest girl ever.

So, when I won All Things Marie's Udderly Smooth Cream giveaway, I jumped for joy AND called Allan right away to scream "I won" loudly.  After providing Marie my address (and encountering a few shipping hiccups later) I finally received my package. 

In it I received: Udderly Smooth Udder Cream, Udderly Smooth Moisturizing Lotion, Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream and 3 Udderly Smooth Udder Cream Body Lotion.  Whew, I have more lotion than I know what to do with!  Ha

I have noticed this brand in many different shops but for some reason never purchased any items.  I was instantly drawn to the easy packaging of all the products and loved the pump on the moisturizing lotion.  However, when I opened the creams to take a whiff, I wasn't all that impressed.  Though the creams say that they have a nice light scent, there wasn't anything I smelled except "normal cream" smell.  The cream was definitely better and much more moisturizing than the lotion BUT I couldn't get passed the smell, or lack there of.

However, the shea butter foot cream is FANTASTIC!  This one has an actual scent and the lotion is nice, thick and easy to apply.  My feet feel amazing after applying this cream and even Allan's been using it.  (Sorry babe but I had to.....).  If you do happen upon this little item in your drugstore shopping I highly recommend trying it out.

Thanks again, Marie, for hosting such an amazing giveaway!  I am still so happy to have won!  YAY for me.

PS - Ladies, if you haven't entered my FACEBOOK giveaway to win a selection of George's Cream products than you really should!  It ends December 24, 2011.

Dec 21, 2011

A Chanel Christmas!

A Chanel Christmas

I was asked the other day about Christmas time, fashion and how to mix the two together by a great friend of mine the other day.  And it really got me thinking about what my ideal Christmas outfit would be.  To be honest, these photos above are pretty close to my "perfect" holiday style (should I ever be extremely rich...).  

So, I guess my response to B would be this: Christmas is a great time to pull off anything sparkly. OR, for a more subdued approach, pair a sparkly item with a neutral.  For me, a neutral would be black as there is nothing sexier than a gorgeous black dress, sparkly drop earrings, stand-out bright heels and a gorgeous shiny clutch.  To me, this is what makes the season sparkle!

What is your go-to Christmas outfit ladies? 

XO Christina

Dec 20, 2011

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party: A Recap

Best. Party. EVER.  Seriously, it was.

Saturday the 17th marked my and Allan's first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  And to think, we even hosted it too.  Rules were that everyone had to come in their holiday sweater ugliness and join in the merriment.  Now, where to start describing the fun?

Oh look, it's me!  This was taken right before everyone started to arrive.  Allan said that I looked " too cute" for an UCSP (Ugly Christmas Sweater Party) and forced me to wear bright blue eye shadow.  However, it didn't help at all as everyone said I looked too cute and my sweater vest was something I should wear daily.  Hmpfff...

Carmen and Nathan

Ariella, Ryan and Ted

Ted and Jamie

Mark (arm), Lori, Eva and Steve

And of course the boys - Jamie, Allan (my fiance), Matt, Ryan and Ted

Ryan, again.  (Keep a close eye on this guy)

Angie.  (Yes, we do have a real fireplace but nothing says Christmas like the Log)

Allan, looking awesome, with his crazy straw glasses and light up Christmas tree headband.
Guests are starting to arrive and everyone is looking awesome.  Some are definitely better than others (**keep an eye on Ryan as he will definitely start to look even funnier later on**).

Me and the Fuzzy Nectar jello shots.

Vodka Cranberry and Fuzzy Nectar.  Yummy jello goodness.
Everyone's arrived and the drinks are definitely flying.  So, what better way to have some fun then with jello shots???  Yes, I made both red and green shots (red being Vodka Cranberry and the green were Fuzzy Nectars.)  After many many jello shots, we were all quite inebriated...

Balloons in pantyhose are supposed to resemble reindeer antlers but this is just wrong,
Oh look!  Ted, Ryan, Carmen and Nathan got it right!
What else do you do when everyone is inebriated?  Oh, I know, you play super fun games!!  This game was especially fun with pantyhose and balloons but there was also Christmas song trivia for prizes...

Poor Ryan!!!  He was so hot in his overly tight awful sweater that Allan and him decided to cut off the arms of his sweater.  Being that Allan was drinking as much as he was, we were all surprised that this show went off without a hitch.  (aka Blood...)

After the games and the sweater cutting came the crowning of the UCSP.  We all decided that everyone would have 2 votes and the winner would get the best prize of everything....a TROPHEY.  Any guesses as to who the winner was?

Yep, you guessed it Ryan!  Isn't his sweater even uglier with the sleeves cut off?
Flip cup (an amazing drinking game) marked the end of an amazing UCSP.  Hopefully we'll have many more in the years to come.

Best. Drinking. Game. Ever.
Whew, that was one crazy party.  There was about 4 people that spent the night and we all went for an amazingly tasty breakfast the next morning.  Nothing cures a hangover like some turkey bacon, fruit and hashbrowns....yummy.  How was your weekend?  Hope everyone had a fabulous one.

Dec 15, 2011

Dear Santa....I've Been Sooooo Good This Year!!!!

It makes me sad to know that I stopped believing in Santa when I was 11.

I still remember that awful day when I found out he wasn't "real".  I had come home from school crying after being teased on the playground by my school mates about still believing in Santa.  I asked my Mom directly, "Mom, everyone says that Santa isn't real but I keep telling them that he is."  She looked at me and said, "Christina, it's time you knew the truth..."  Our conversation ended with me crying all evening and promising never to tell my little sister what I learned.  From that day on, Christmas was different for me.

Needless to say, my Mom still signs Christmas packages from Santa but, let's be honest, we all know the truth.  And this year, the role of Santa has fallen on to Allan's shoulders since we're having a just-him-and-I-and-no-family-Christmas this year.  Though we're on a budget because of the pending nuptials, my desires usually outshine logic during this time of year.  My ever-increasing list looks like this:

1.  Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron (1")

Alright, alright, I already know that Allan got this for me BUT it was an absolute necessity that I told him the one I wanted.  First, about three or four weeks ago my straightener DIED.  Seriously, DEAD!!!  Anyway, this one came not only very highly recommended but also with tons of free goodies so I sent him the link and made sure he purchased it.

2.  Urban Decay NAKED Palette 

I have wanted this palette for quite some time, let me tell you.  And about three weeks ago, with the launch of NAKED 2, I was completely taken aback by the fact that I didn't own the original yet.  Either way, the original is still the one I want and am hoping Santa/Allan will make it happen.

3.  Sephora Monopoly Limited Edition

Yes, I am slightly nerdy but, come on, Sephora makes a Monopoloy game???  How exciting would it be to play with lipstick charms instead of Scotty dogs?  Tons if I do say so myself.  Plus, I can not wait to sit Allan down and make him play with me!!!! 

4.  Nutcracker/Swan Lake/Carmen Ballet DVD's 

Ballet as you all know is still a major passion of mine and I would love nothing more than to have a HUGE collection of ballet DVD's.  The Bolshoi, the Kirov, the National School of doesn't matter the company as long as they are performing one of my favorite ballets.

5.  Strawberry Shortcake Decadent Body Butter by Cake 

Have you smelled this before???  It smells EXACTLY like the Strawberry Shortcake doll I used to have.  The scent is absolutely heavenly.  Plus, Cake is a great bath/body line and their creams last a very long time on your skin.

6.  LUSH Bath Bombs

I have left this open as I am happy with ANY and ALL scented bath bombs created by LUSH.  They all smell divine, make the tub water feel dreamy and leave a gorgeous feel on your skin afterwards.  No bath time is complete without one of these bad boys in the tub.

I really really really hope you're reading this Santa.  I have been SUCH a good girl this year.  (PS - What's on your list to Santa?)

Dec 14, 2011

Clinique's 2011 Holiday Blockbuster: A Season's Worth of Pretty

I know I've told you this before but my mom is a Clinique rep.  Typically if I want to order anything Clinique-related, she's my hook-up.  However, this time around, I actually purchased a very special Clinique piece all on my lonesome (and just like a big girl!!).

A Season's Worth of Pretty is Clinique's Limited Edition Holiday Palette.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it HAD to be mine so I quickly ordered it from Macy's, along with a new mascara, and secretly shipped it to my mailbox in the states.  (I say secretly because every one knows that you shouldn't be buying anything for yourself around Christmas time AND also because Allan would kill me if he knew I bought another palette.)  All of those things aside, I am so happy with my purchase!
Left-hand side of palette - Lips

Middle portion of palette - Eyes

Right-hand side of palette - Cheeks
The palette is divided into three parts: Lips (left-hand side), Eyes (middle) and Cheeks (right-hand side.)  The lip collection has 5 colors: Crushed Grape, Pink Goddess, Parisian Red, Adore U and Ambrosia.  The eye collection has 5 colors as well: Like Mink Duo, Polar Blue Quad, Pink Chocolate Quad, Pure Cocoa and Plum Potion Duo.  The last portion (cheeks) has three colors: Pink Love (one of my favorite colors!!), Precious Posy and Sunset Glow.

Despite not needing another palette (for probably the next three years) I am so excited about this purchase.  The palette is clean looking, filled with gorgeous colors that I'll actually use and is extremely inexpensive.  Can you believe this was only $32.50 USD (with any other purchase of a Clinique product)???

Check this palette out ladies before they disappear.  Oh, one more thing, have you checked out my easy entry facebook giveaway yet?  If not, enter HERE!

Dec 12, 2011

George's Cream Review and Easy Entry Facebook Giveaway

I was sent some fabulous George's Cream/Skincare products in the mail the other day by a rep for the George's company.  I was extremely excited to receive these products because I've heard so many fantastic things about this product line though I've never actually used it before.  Needless to say, as soon as I got the package, I ripped everything apart and began moisturizing my limbs.

I should begin first by saying that I received (from left to right) a purse-size Special Dry Skin Cream, a full-size Special Moisturizing Lotion and a purse-size Special Moisturizing Lotion.  Major pluses for this line is that the products are fragrance-free (which is PERFECT for my work place as we have a no scent policy) and they are hypoallergenic.  These creams are also completely paraben free and lanolin free.  (I don't usually pay much attention to whether a product is free of parabens and such but always appreciate when a company can create products that don't require them.)

You can definitely see a difference between the light moisturizer (left) and the cream (right).  I have tried both many times and though the light moisturizer is nice, I definitely prefer the rich cream.  I love the thickness of the product and appreciate how long it keeps my skin moisturized for.  I've been using this cream after my shower every morning and it keeps my skin hydrated all day with no touch-ups required!.  I highly highly recommend this line to anyone who hasn't tried it before.

Now for the fun part!!!!  GIVEAWAY TIME.....

George's company has provided me with a gift bag full of George's Cream and Moisturizer to be given to one of our lucky readers.  This gift bag is jam packed with full-size and purse-size goodies to keep dry skin at bay.  Entering is very easy this time around...

1. One entry for following Red Lip Gloss on Facebook 
2. One entry for following George's Cream on Facebook

And that's it!!!  This giveaway is open to all Canadian and US residents only.  Once you've entered, please leave me a comment with your name, email address and the names you are following both Facebook pages under.  This giveaway is open until December 24, 2011 at 7:00 PM PST time.

Good luck everyone!!!

Lipstick Personality: What Does Your Lipstick Say About YOU?

I discovered this little info piece from a blog we all know and love called Lipglossiping.  (She found the original article from  Not only did I laugh extremely hard while reading it BUT I also bolted to my vanity table and pulled out all my tubes of lipstick to see what type of gal I really am...

I am a 50/50 split between #2 and #4.  Some of  my lipsticks are flat while the others look like I just took them out of their package.

What type of lipstick personality do you have???

Dec 9, 2011

DIY Beauty Fridays: Holiday Hangover Cures

If you're at all like me, then you tend to consume too many bevvies during the Holidays.  Whether it's eggnog and rum, gin and tonic, Christmas punch, jello shots, vodka and soda, polar bears....well, you catch my drift.  Not only is the drinking a plenty around the holdiays but so are the hangovers.

Of course, there are many different ways to "curb" a hangover (ex: eating greasy food, eating a banana first thing before bed, drinking two larges glasses of water before hitting the sack OR, my personal fave, sleep for a couple of hours, wake up, stumble to the bathroom still in vodka-infused stupor, swallow two advil and head back to bed) but do these actually prevent a hangover from happening.  Of course they don't!  To be honest, there hasn't been any one thing systematically studied to cure a hangover.  But on that note, there are a few recipes that will aid in the pain and make you feel 10x better than eating greasy food or taking advil.

Lemon Honey Tea

1 - 2 TBSP pure honey
Warm water (a big mug full)
1/2 lemon

This recipe calls for honey which is in a extremely concentrated form of frucotse.  (Scientists have said that a hangover could be caused by low blood sugar.)  Heat the water until warm (not boiling) and add the honey to the mug to dissolve.  Once dissolved, add the juice of 1/2 a lemon.  Either drink concoction warm or let chill first.

Blended Fruit Juice with Watermelon 

1/2 small watermelon, cubed
2 stalks of celery, chopped
Coconut water, add as much until reached desired taste
1 TSP sugar

Add all items to blender and blend fully until smooth.  (These quantities are based on my personal preference BUT feel free to add more of any item to match your acquired taste.)

Headache Relief Bath Soak

1 cup epsom salts
2 TBSP olive oil
3 - 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

Add all ingredients to a tupperware container and shake well to mix together.  Add mixture (1/2 cup should do the trick but you could be crazy and add the entire thing) to your bath water.  Eucalyptus is fantastic for relieving headaches so be ready to feel refreshed after soaking.  (**NOTE: olive oil will make your abthtub slightly slick so please careful when climbing in and out of the tub**)

Though there is no scientific evidence proving any specific hangover cure, I can assure you that lemons, fruit, fructose (sugar) and eucalyptus will help immensely.  So, make one of these bevvies, fill your tub and soak away your hangover.  Until, the next day that is....

Happy Friday ladies!

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