Mar 22, 2018

My First Youtube Video - BoxyCharm Unboxing March 2018

Hi Glossers - today I did something different, and a bit scary for me.  I posted a video, on YOUTUBE, of my boxycharm unboxing.  For those that are avid youtubers, I realize that I filmed in portrait and not landscape (shame on me...) so I will esure that my next video is better.

Tell me all what you think?  Do you prefer watching a video than reading?  Thoughts?

Happy Thursday everyone.

Mar 21, 2018

ISH Statement Lip Palette - Review and Swatches

As most of us beauty junkies know, lip palettes are a bad investment.

Usually, the included colors are colors that wouldn't sell as a single tube of lipstick or gloss and typically the product formulation is less than stellar.  I have tried many a lip palettes in my past, always going in with the best intentions, but realize after one application that they are too tacky, too sticky, too orange and all-around a bad idea.

Until I met this one, I had labelled all lip palettes the same.  However, I am very impressed with the colors, the application and the longevity of the ISH Statement Lip Palette.

Let's chat colors.  On first impression, I was excited to see nude shades in palette as well as more reds than pinks.  The best part of this palette - the nude shades are actually nude and NOT orange.  I also love that each one can be mixed together to create your own unique shades.  Also included in the palette is a tinted lip topper to give your lips a hint of sheen should you like that glossy look.

Here are the colors from left to right (top row; excluding the first shade which is a tinted lip topper).

Middle row from left to right.  Check out how gorgeous these pink shades are!

Bottom row from left to right.  I am LOVING the last berry color.

I am really impressed with how fantastic the last nude color (in the top row) is.  I have it on here and it's almost as if this nude shade was made for my skin tone.  I am absolutely loving it.  I will also say that it went on very easily, is super pigmented and the colors blend well, as I moved on to the berry shade after this.

I didn't take off the nude shade prior to applying the berry color (last color in the bottom row) but still the pigment is amazing.  Perfect color for my skin tone and definitely easy to apply.

I am thrilled with this palette and will now eat my words about lip palettes.  Ha

Mar 20, 2018

FabFitFun Spring 2018: Review

I was ready to cancel my FabFitFun subscription until I received this season's box.  Thank goodness it didn't have another scarf or poncho in it.

Actually, I am really really loving all the items I received.

For those that don't know, FabFitFun is a women's subscription box that comes every quarter.  The cost is $49.99 USD per quarter and, as a rule, will contain more than $250 USD in beauty, wellness and personal products.  

Something to know about me, I ALWAYS search the internet for spoilers.  Like, all the time.  So I knew about 4 of the items in this box about a month and a half ago.  However, that didn't deter my excitement when I received it!

First up, one of the beauty choice items which is Korres Guava Body Butter.  As a member, you can choose a couple items (if you are a yearly subscriber, you can customize more than 2 items) and I chose this product over the Collagen Infused Lip Masks, which I'd received in a Boxycharm box before.  This has a price tag of $24 USD and literally smells like a tropical island.  Love it.

The next item is Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Makeover Concealing Ridge Filler which I will absolutely not use, ever.  Since I get my nails done, this nail filler product is a no-go for me.  The price tag is $18 USD.

The lone wellness (Fit) product is the Physique 57 Massage Roller which is actually kind of neat.  Since I am terrible at massaging, this will help work out both mine and Allan's knots.  The price point on this product is $20 USD.

I love that this is the month of moisturizers, since I was running out!  This oil-free moisturizer is by Murad and it's called the Skin Perfecting Lotion.  I am a huge Murad fan and have alreadystarting using this one.  It's perfect under my makeup and doesn't leave a greasy feel on the skin.  The price for this item is $40 USD.

There was a jewellry choice this month and I chose this rose gold bracelet by Maya Brenner Designs.  It's so gorgeous, feminine and simple.  I love it.  Plus, it came with a hefty price tag of $65 USD.

FabFitFun also allows you to pay an additional $10 USD and receive the other choice items, providing the items are available.  I chose to pay the money for the tassel earrings and think they are okay.  They look a bit cheap but hoping with the right outfit, they will be okay.  The price tag on the earrings was $58 USD.

This season's box also came with a glorious smelling candle in Fresh Linen (one of 3 scents) by Anderson Lilley.  The price on the candle is $45 USD.

This next product I saw as a spoiler and was so excited.  It's the ISH Lip Stateement Palette and I am a big ISH fan already, so this is the perfect product for me.  I will be doing some swatches of this palette tomorrow for you all.  The price is $42 USD.

This next item, I adore, and is a reversible clutch.  I actually ended up getting the color I wanted to I was really excited about that.  The price tag on this bad boy is $60 USD.

Lastly, I got a Free People X Understated Leather Starry Eyed Travel Eye Mask that cost $40 USD.  I am loving the color I received, the fact that it's leather AND that it has a cooling gel pack inside that you can put into the freezer to cool down.  Honestly, I wish I had this for our overseas trip.

If you were adding up as we went, the value of my box is $354 USD or $463 CAD.  (this does not include the tassel earrings as I ordered them as a bonus item).  LOVE this season's box.

What are your thoughts?

Mar 19, 2018

Lookfantastic Beauty Box: March 2018 Review

Of all the beauty boxes I subscribe to, one of my favorite ones is Lookfantasic.  Which is odd because the majority of the products received are deluxe sample size.  However, there is something extra special about this UK beauty box - maybe it's the magazine that comes with every box, or the price point but I seem to use every single item I receive, every month.  For me, this is an amazing feat.

This month's box is GORGEOUS and I've even read that March's box was the year's first special edition box.  The theme of the month is Beauty Empowered and it's very heavy!  As you can see, each box comes with the Lookfantastic Beauty Box catalogue that explains the prodicts and a purse-size Elle UK magazine.  So handy for your lunch room read!

Ooooo, look at all the goodies!  I can't wait to dig in and see them all.

First up is SkinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump.  I am so excited for this product!  I've heard of beauty bloggers raving about this product and am surprised to see it in a $20 CAD/month beauty box as this has a retalu value of over $150 CAD.  (FYI, this product is full-size at 8ml, which all subscribers received).  Love love love.

Just as I was running out of my daily moisturizer, I end up receiving an almost full-size (30ml) balancing moisturizer by a brand called Omorovicza.  This Hungarin brand has won awards all over the world for it's spa-like skincare.  I am SO EXCITED to try it.  The price point on this size is just over $100 CAD.

Next up is Renu Advanced Anti-Ageing Flash Relax Mask (30 ml) and it's worth about $19 CAD.  As you all know, I love receiving any anti-aging product so this one will absolutely be used, soon.

On first look, I assumed this was a sheet mask but it's actually a foot mask which I will absolutely be using tonight as my feet are so dry.  The price point on this mask is $18 CAD and the mask actually gors on like a pair of socks.  Can not wait to try this out!

Of all the products received, I am least excited about this one.  I have a brush similar to this one and find that it's not one I grab on a day-to-day basis.  However, this one is a great size and perfect for travel.  The price point is around $9 CAD.

Lastly, I received two single eyeshadows by Doucce.  Both are colors I will use however, they are singles and I don't have a case they will fit in which makes them virtually useless to me.  I guess they are the perfect size to throw in your purse for a night out.  The two colors received are Kate and Tenley.  The price point is about $13 each so $26 for the duo.

The beauty catalogue is fantastic.  It's full of information on the products received, new skin care products around the globe and some really interesting articles.  

Oh, did I mention that I only pay about $21 CAD for this subscription????  If you are interested, you can sign up HERE using my link.

March's beauty box had a grand total of ------- $322 CAD which is astounding.

Mar 16, 2018

FOTD: Easy Breezy Work Look

Good morning!  My typical weekend look...
Ever since moving from Vancouver, BC to Airdrie, AB, my look has drastically changed.

Just another weekend pic....
As you all know, my sister is an amazing stylist here in Alberta and is very highly sought after.  She's been convincing me to go blonde(r) for the past couple years and, within the past few months, my hair is extremely blonde and very long.  Having such a different shade of hair means that my makeup look has had to change as well - I find that I am doing less smoky eyes and more dark, dark lips but that could be the weather here too!

With this in mind, I do try to tone my look done for weekdays as bolder is NOT always better.  Here's a typical look I wear in to the office every day.

I always have my winged liner on, for work, and do not leave home without some form of blush/contour/bronzer combo going on.  

Glossers, what is your typical weekday look?

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