Nov 24, 2014

Washing Your Face: A How-To

After having washed my face for years and years, you'd think I'd be a pro now,

After reading this how-to guide, though, I'm feeling slightly uneducated in the washing my face game....ha.  This handy little guide provides all the details to ensure you are getting your face squeaky clean and making your pores glow.

Enjoy, ladies, and happy Monday!


Nov 21, 2014

DIY Beauty Fridays: Homemade Lavender Foot Soak

Photo courtesy of Spa Around the World
I knew when I got pregnant that I would most likely be sick, nauseous and very tired.  And I have been all of these, though less so now as I move into my second trimester.

Instead, i'm now dealing with sore feet.  All the time!

Today for example.  I am sitting at my desk working away, wearing my favorite brown boots and stretching my feet underneath my desk.  I don't know if I stretched my foot the wrong or am just falling apart BUT my right foot cracked in the most hideous way and I am now completely swollen.

Now, you are probably saying that this has nothing to do with being pregnant however, this weird muscle cramp snap thing has never occurred before so yes, I am blaming little bean for this...ha.

On that note, I see a much needed luxurious foot soak in my future....

Lavender Foot Soak 

You will need:
4-5 liters of water
A few drops of lavender essential oil
1/4 cup epsom salt

Boil the water and, once boiled, let it cool down to a comfortable temperature for your tootsies.  Add the lavender and salt, stirring gently.  Put your feet in the mixture and enjoy!

Nothing makes me feel better than a foot soak.  Especially after a long, hard week at both work and the gym.  Enjoy, ladies, and Happy Friday!


Nov 19, 2014

The Dreaded Eyeliner: Explained

My eyeliner on a good day....ha
I get asked about eyeliner, a lot.

Honestly, more than you would think.  I wonder if people think that I'm a MASTER at putting it on because I have a beauty blog.  I'm lucky, though, as I have almond shaped eyes and really big eyes to boot.  This makes me able to smudge eyeliner around the outside corner of my eyes, put a lot of tight liner on, a lot of mascara and call it a smoky eye.

But honestly, perfectly placed eyeliner is a talent I've yet to master.  I am definitely much better than I used to be and do get asked to do smoky eyes on most of my friends but it does take practice.  And a lot of practice at that.

Here's a quick eyeliner guide providing you with an easy look at how to place eyeliner on your eye based on what will look good on your eye shape.

Remember, don't get discouraged and PRACTICE makes perfect.

What eyeliner style is your favorite?  How long did it take you to master?


Nov 18, 2014

So Many Things to Tell You All.....

This past year has been one of the best for me.  

Not only did my husband and I get to backpack Southeast Asia for 3 months BUT we are now expecting a baby.  Yes, friends, I am 13 weeks pregnant!

I'm scared, excited, exhausted, ecstatic and overwhelmed all at the same time.  However, you will also notice that I haven't posted a pic of myself yet....and there are a few reasons for this: One, I feel big, already; two, my skin is rather bad and three, I have JUST begun to feel less nauseous so not quite ready for the camera.  However, I am on the mend and will post as soon as I "pop".

My other news is that I am now selling an amazing makeup brand called Younique.  Now, I will not be bombarding the blog with info about the brand BUT will say that Younique has the best mascara and eye liner I have EVER used and you all know I have tried a lot of these products.  If you do have some time, and are looking for some new products, check out my site and do some shopping.  You will not regret it.

So, you have now been filled in to the exciting things in my life.  Can't wait to see what the next few months will bring!


Nov 14, 2014

DIY Beauty Fridays: Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes with Household Goodies

Photo courtesy of brebeauty
Ever wondered why your one little-itty-bitty pimple spreads to all corners of your face?

It's a little thing called bacteria.  And the most used product that carries the majority of this nasty bacteria is your makeup brushes.

Your dirty makeup brushes are giving you pimples!!!!

Gross right.  What's worse is that I am a TERRIBLE culprit of not cleaning my brushes.  Honestly, I would rather buy new ones than clean my brushes.  However, now that I can easily do this at home using everyday household goodies, I am going to become BETTER at cleaning my brushes and allowing my face to be bacteria-free.

Photo courtesy of Wikihow
You will need:
Olive oil
Liquid dish soap
Warm water
Hand towel

Dab a bit of olive oil on a towel and swirl the tips of your brushes into the oil.  Blot the excess off on the opposite side of the towel.  Mix together some warm water and the liquid dish soap and wash your makeup brushes in the mixture (get your fingers in there and clean the bristles), being careful to avoid the "stem" (where the brushes are connected to the handle).  Dip the bristles into some white vinegar a couple of times and rinse the vinegar off, vigorously, with warm water.  Let air dry.

As I'm writing this, I realize there is NO EXCUSE for me not to clean my brushes.  I guess I have a date with my makeup brushes tonight.

I would love to know your thoughts on this as well should you try it out.

Nov 12, 2014

Obsessed With: 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique

On my right eye is the 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara and on my left eye is my everyday mascara - See the difference??
I am beyond obsessed with Younique.

What is that, you say?  Trust me, I said the same thing over a month ago when I first heard of Younique as well.

A friend of mine, who recently started selling this line, asked me if I'd heard of fiber lashes.  I had, of course, though had never heard of this line before.  She explained that it was an all-natural line where the fibers are actually made of green tea.  I thought to myself "yeah, right, this sounds way to god to be true."  However, I bought the mascara and the weirdest thing happened.

IT ACTUALLY WORKED THE WAY IT SAID.  And better yet, I actually had the amazing lashes without having to wear false lashes OR having lash extensions.

I was floored.

Have any of you ladies tried this line yet?  What are your thoughts?

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